when someone tells me they are expecting.

Before having kids myself, I used to say "Congratulations!" to expecting mothers. I was genuinely excited for them to start a family of their own and would find myself quickly imagining what their future baby boy or girl would look like.

Now, I hesitate and I don't know what to say. Should I be honest and warn them about the expected emotional roller coaster they might embark on? Should I tell them how happy I am for them? Should I tell them about the 20 week anatomy scan that isn't just a gender reveal? Or should I lie and smile?

Since every mom does not go through the baby blues or postpartum depression, I am torn each time a friend is pregnant. Do I offer some advice and issue a fair warning (I wish I had one...), or just sit back and wait to see what the mom experiences for herself? When someone tells me they are expecting--I want to cry. I want to tell them to soak up every second of their life where a trip to Target is not rushed and their coffee is always hot. I want to tell them to wear their cute panties to bed before you outgrow them for good. I want to tell them to go on that road trip with their husband that's been on their bucket list for months. I want to tell them that they are about to feel unprepared... fat...pain...tears and unexplainable love all at one time. I want to tell them that they might feel so many mixed emotions and that it does get better, by God's grace. It gets better. 

When someone tells you they are expecting, what crosses your mind?