10 on Tuesday

It's Tuesday!  3 more days until the weekend, but who's counting right?1 I am teaming up again with Karli over at September Farm for 10 on Tuesday again.

10 of My Favorite Products for the Boys



1. Beaba silverware- I love that these are plastic and easy for the boys to hold. The fork is great at picking up food and they are super durable. Beaba silverware is also the only kid utensils that my kids can actually pick up food with.

2. Homedics Sound Machine- Both of our boys have one of these and they are probably my absolute MUST have baby product. They are very portable and easy to travel with and they have a night light on top. We  pretty much owe many hours of sleep to this product and it is often a gift I give for baby showers.

3. Aden and Anais security blankets- My boys love their small blankies for naptime and bedtime. These are thin and breathable and the perfect size. We own probably 6 of these and the boys always have to sleep with their "night nights"

4. Double Bob stroller- We call this our cadillac stroller. It is super hard to pick up and stow away but it steers like butter and has been so helpful for walks, trips to Sea World, and other adventures. It has been worth every penny for our family.

5. Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair- We paid only $20.00 for ours and it is still going strong. We love that it is plastic and easy to wash and it is great to bring on the road or to someone's house. If you click the link you might think this looks cheap and ugly but trust me it is one of the most durable kid items I own ( I threw out the little cheap material cover because it was unnecessary).

6. Nalgene Kids sippy cups- Calvin and Max have not lost these yet, which is surprising because cups in our house are always missing. These cups are durable, hold enough water, and DO NOT LEAK, need I say more?

7.  Halo Sleep sacks- Max still sleeps in a sleepsack and we will keep him in one as long as possible. They make light weight and fleece ones so they can be worn all year round. We have owned probably 5 of these and I cannot imagine any stage of baby life without swaddling or putting our boys in a sleepsack.

8. Nose Freida- This is a pretty gross contraption in theory but it is the only thing that unclogs babies noses. I always seem to get sick after using it on the boys but if it helps them breathe better  it is worth it. Be sure to buy extra filters for them when you purchase this.

9. Tula Baby Carrier-There are many baby carriers out there to chose from and I have had my fair share of carriers over the years. My Tula is the best carrier I have tried by far. It is ergonomically friendly, stylish, and super easy to use. Believe it or not I met a few moms on a Tula facebook group and one mom won me a brand new one and gifted it to me. I had never met her before and she knew I wanted one since I have mild scoliosis and a sensitive back. I was so grateful and still am shocked at her generosity. 

10. Honest Co. Healing Balm- I love Honest Co. and have been using them since Calvin was a newborn. The healing balm is awesome because of its versatility. I use it for eczema, lip balm, callus softener, cuts, rashes, dry skin, you name it. It is a bit oily but since it is made of natural ingredients I appreciate it's consistency. 


These are my current favorite products. I could make so many lists (newborn, post partum, toddler, etc.). I would love to hear about your favorite products as well. Also, if you can recommend a good placemat I would appreciate it. I am looking for something that the food sticks on and does not fall off the table.  

Church fathers decorations thanks to Nick

Church fathers decorations thanks to Nick