baby on a plane, a summary.

You wake up early and pack every snack you own into the diaper bag. Pack plastic bags for the messy diaper you know is going to happen on the flight and jump in the car. Your car ride is full of screams because you booked your trip to be a little after naptime because you dont want to be that mom on the plane with the crying child. You get to the airport and the Southwest lady wants to see proof of age for your child who clearly is under 1 years old and you search through all of the snacks for a immunization record or something for proof that your diaper-wearing, babbling, and non-walking child is not a toddler. You go cheap on the flight and choose to have a lap baby and need to put their car seat under with baggage but forget to tell your husband to get a palstic bag to protect the car seat with. $15 later Southwest helps you out and gives you a nice big blue cheap cover to ensure the "safety" of the car seat. 

You're doing good on time and you feel like you got this in the bag. Here comes security checks. You smile at the lady who puts her germ-infested hands all over your babies sippy cup  top and then hollers for you to "move along lady, there is a line here". You listen and hurry up  with your baby in tow in the carrier to get checked for possible bomb powder on your hands. Now it is time to get all of your carry-ons and infected sippy cup all the while trying to help your husband from getting his brand new laptop smashed by on-coming luggages. 

The end is in sight. You see your gate and head on over and do a quick diaper change.You would go to the bathroom yourself but it's almost impossible to pee with a baby strapped to your chest. Good thing you get to go with family boarding because you checked in way too late and are in C class. Your baby is getting wrestless due to it being way past naptime, but you planned this all out perfectly so don't fret. Family boarding is a breeze minus the two families who purposefully cut you off because they clearly coudln't see or hear you in line before them. You let it pass because as a fellow parent you kow you are all just trying to survive at this point. 

Your baby gets a cold perfectly in time to meet family which sucks but on the upside you get a whole row to just you and your family. Thank you runny nose. Thank goodness for the carrier also because baby is just starting to fall asleep. Good thing you planned out the nap this way. Captain is on the loud speaker now and boy is it loud. His 9am coffee must be kicking in. You figure you are in the clear because your baby should sleep for the entire 45 min quick trip up north.

Here comes the stewardess who kindly tells you that you need to unstrap your baby from your carrier for departure. Wait! You mean the baby you just go to sleep for the flight? Yes, that baby. It obviously makes perfect sense and safer to unstrap the baby from your carrier so that in case of turbulence your baby while now have literally no way of being restrained and safe. Too bad they make flights so expensive or you could have had baby in their car seat on the flight. 

Thankfully, your baby doesn't wake up despite the unnecessary carrier needing to be removed. All is well and you are soon to nana's house. Oh wait, you hear sceaming. This is a loud scream but it's not your baby. Nope, it is another mom who's two year old wants something. The screaming does not stop. And now there are more than 5 babies screaming. Good thing your baby is exhausted and passed out. But the anxiety of a screaming baby fills up inside of you. Why didn't you pack lollipops? If only you brought the older boys bag with you then you would have had a lollipop to give the mom who won't give her child the snack they are begging for. Why can't that mom just give her child the snack? Think of all of us who's hears are figuartively and literally popping. Too late now, your baby is awake. Thankfully, the screaming helped the time pass and soon you are landing. Time to wake up your husband who had a nice nap on the flight, good thing he can sleep through anything. 

Thank you for choosing Southwest and welcome to Sacramento!

(jokes aside, we had a great trip up north to see family. My mom kindly kept the older two boys for us so the trip went smoother than normal but gosh travelling takes a whole lot of patience.)


10 Mundane Things That Make My Husband the Best Dad!

When Nick and I began courting 8 years ago one thing that really drew me to him was how he was with his family and the future I saw with him as a dad one day. Nick has a great relationship with his sisters, mom, and his whole family and his kindness and love for them and for my own mom and sisters demonstrated to me the love he would show our future kids. 8 years and 3 kids later he has not let me down. So in honor of Father's Day, I wanted to share a few mundane things he does on a daily basis that I might sometimes overlook. All of these tasks have made our family and our kids grow for the better. Thanks be to God for giving me such a great and handsome ;) husband.

1. Nick and the boys always wrestle right when he walks through the door. The boys know that wrestling is for just boys (I don't want them tackling a girl) and Nick and the boys love getting some energy out doing something in the boys club.

2. Every day after dinner Nick bathes the boys and puts them to bed. Since I am a SAHM I often need a few minutes to myself to pick up the house and be in silence so bath and bedtime being his routine with the older boys have been such a help to me. It is also a way Nick gets to spend more time with the kids before bed (7:30 pm bedtime). 

3. He still pursues me and looks at me with love. Raising boys is a big responsibility and I love that Nick demonstrates how to love a woman by showing me such care. I hope our boys always remember how gentle he is with me and that through the good and bad him and I are always on the same team.

4. I love how Nick genuinely loves others. Being a pastor means that you have a heart for others. I am always amazed how quickly he is able to help a friend, a neighbor, and even strangers. I might not tell him enough but this is something that is so attractive to me and a rare trait nowadays.

5. I am so thankful for how Nick pays attention to the little things. Every morning he gets up with the two older boys until me and Leo wake. When I get to the kitchen he always has a cup of coffee waiting for me in my tumbler. It is not something he has to do but it shows me that he cares about the little things. (Thanks, babe!)

6. Nick prays with the boys. Yes, I know he is a pastor and that is something you expect a pastor to do, pray. But I am thankful for the times I see him kneeling beside the boy's bunk beds and leading them in the Lord's Prayer or praying for the sick.

7. Nick goes to work every day and juggles two jobs. This allows me to be a stay-at-home mom and I am thankful that he gets up every single day to support us and then comes home to spend time with his family.

8. Parenting is a lot of work and is such a learning process. I am thankful that Nick and I are able to co-parent well and how he always asks me if we are both disciplining and training the boys the same way. Being on the same page is not only good for us but also for our kids who look up to us for guidance. and assurance. 

9. Nick brings Calvin to school every T/Th (or my mom whom is also a life-saver) before work. He knows how easily I can get overwhelmed in the mornings with my PPA (postpartum anxiety) so his willingness to help me out in this way has taken a huge burden off of my shoulders.

10. This may seem obvious but Nick never shows our kids lack of love. He is always telling them how much he loves them and genuinely enjoys our kids (when they aren't testing our patience).

Most days I do not say thank you enough to him but since I know he will probably read and edit this post for me, I wanted to make sure he know he is LOVED and APPRECIATED. Be sure to tell your significant other how much you appreciate them for the little and the small things. I know it makes a world of a difference to me when I am shown appreciation and the same goes for Nick. 

Happy Father's Day to all the dads and grandparents out there!

3 Generations of Davis men. 

3 Generations of Davis men. 

momma's secret helper, DAD!

I can't do it all alone.

There, I admitted it. 

I grew up in a home where my mom handled all of the housework, child-rearing, and worked a full time job. So naturally when I became a mom I too thought, I got this. Much to my surprise, I was always beat by the time 5pm rolled around and I needed help physically, mentally and emotionally. Once I let my pride down I realized that it was not shameful to ask my husband, the father of my kids, for help with things. 

Nick and I both agreed once we had kids that I would get the pleasure of staying home with them and he would go to work to provide for us. In theory we both have day jobs, so once Nick gets home we are all together working on the same team (thankfully when Nick comes home he puts all work on hold until the next day). In order for us to get to enjoy time together as a family and then afterwards time together as a couple it was helpful to divvy up the tasks for taking care of our kids. 

Here is a list of the things Nick graciously helps me with:

  1. Entertain kids while I finish up dinner
  2. Clean off the dinner the dinner table while I wash the dishes
  3. Clean Max's eating area (this gets its own point because he is one messy eater)
  4.  Start the boys bath each night (the boys really look forward to this)
  5. Put away any remaining toys with Calvin when I put Max to bed
  6. Get Calvin ready for and into bed
  7. Throw away the trash and recycle each day
  8. Watch boys in the mornings twice a week so I can sleep in; if you call 7:15 AM sleeping in
  9. Pack Calvin's church bag every Saturday night
  10. Fill both cars up with gas and water bottles on Saturday for church on Sunday (we take two cars to church since Nick teaches Sunday school and preaches often and we commute to Irvine)
  11. On Saturday mornings after cleaning Nick will usually spend some one on one time with the boys so I can run any errands that are easier without the kids or an hour of alone time. 

I am thankful that Nick's jobs allow for him to be hands on with the boys and such a help to me. At the end of the day all of us can agree that our patience and energy run low and it is in those times where we need to work together. The hardest part of getting help from your spouse or family is asking for it. There is no shame or guilt in needing a hand. I have found that by setting out clear expectations and helpful tips for your husband and/or family that the end results are a more happy home. 

Everyone's home life will be different given when your help is available to give you a hand. As kids grow and change all the time so does the type of help that is needed. But with open communication and pride aside I can say that a team effort at certain times of the day is beyond helpful. [Thank you babe for everything you do, including but not limited to editing this post!]

Do you ask for help when you need it? Is it difficult for you to ask others for help? What are some ways you need help? Is there a certain time of the day when you need a hand more than others?