megan steven's birth story

 I woke up at 40 weeks and 5 days STILL pregnant after several false alarms and prodromal labor all week. I dislike being pregnant and have a huge and heavy belly since I have big babies and I'm short so, trust me, I was terrible to be around! I was set to be induced at 41 weeks because I just knew I couldn't bear to go over as I had with my son. We had moved states 3 months earlier, so this was a hospital birth and I had no birth plan as opposed to my midwife and birth center birth plan! (I went backwards, I know!) I knew I could do it naturally but I was so tired and huge and just worn down after a move and an energetic 3 year old, that I said to myself if I needed an epidural, I would just do it and rest. Well, at 6:00pm I started having the same old contractions (after have my membranes stripped that morning at my doctor! Ouch.) but after an hour they started getting more intense. I had my parents take my son for a sleepover and started watching a movie with my husband while bouncing on the birth ball. By 8:30pm I knew it was real and told my husband at 9:30pm, I wanted to go in. So about 9:45pm, we got to L&D and I was STILL 4 cm as I had been for a week but 90%. I was honestly discouraged thinking I would be sent home again and in pregnancy purgatory forever and that I would never know when I was actually in labor! I started to walk with my husband around the unit for 45 min or 17 laps (they told us it was a mile) and by the end I was unable to stand through the contractions and needed to start moaning . With the recheck I was 5 cm, 100% and I knew it was real. We checked in the room and I got antibiotics for GBS while bouncing on the ball. Things got intense from there and I told my husband maybe I wanted that epidural and he said ok, let’s try the water in the tub first. I headed there and hot water is medication to me! Then, I hit transition so much sooner than expected and told my husband that I felt faint and like I was going to puke. When I started saying "I can't do this, I feel like I'm going to die" my husband said he knew this was going way faster than our first labor. This only lasted 20-30 min and then I had the urge to poop and just then the nurses walked in to check on me because I had been moaning/screaming quite loudly.

My husband told them it was time and they half carried me to the bed. When they checked I was almost a 9! I was screaming for meds then and lost my cool a bit but it was too late. They did give me Nubian but it did NOTHING. The midwife got there and I was on my hands and knees trying to fight the same urge to push and after only a few contractions it was time. I pushed his head out pretty easily and then I felt his shoulder get stuck on my pubic bone and I became terrified of tearing upward. The midwife knew I was in a bad position and they literally flipped me over and told me I needed him out NOW and to stop loosing my mind. I actually felt so much better on my back and I regained my cool and pushed him out in one or two pushes. I soon realized she was in such a hurry because he was blue and not breathing. The handed him to the pediatric team and they kept stimulating him and his second APGAR was perfect but my husband said he has never been more terrified in his life. I was kinda unaware but just kept asking, where is my baby? Is he ok? I knew he wasn't placed immediately on me that something wasn't quite right. He ended up being perfectly healthy and HUGE, 9lbs 11oz birthed naturally with not a single tear! I felt amazing afterward and still feel great. The whole labor was only about 6 hrs with only 3 being terrible! Our son is fat and happy, eating and sleeping most of his first 2 weeks. And, I felt like superwoman. I love how proud my husband is/was of me and he just kept kissing my head and telling me thank you and good job. I’ll always treasure both our labors together. As all the nurses said, he was an amazing coach

The funny thing is I had a birth center birth and a baby who would not nurse (see my previous essay "not natural") and a hospital birth with no immediate skin to skin and a baby who LOVES to nurse (though we are working on a shallow latch issue). It's funny how different babies are! 

We are so grateful for God's goodness (after a failed IVF attempt this summer and this cycle that was almost canceled due to poor response) and kindness. For this child we have prayed...

We are proud to introduce Tobias Porter Stevens. Born 8/8/17 at 2:38 am at a whopping 9lbs 11 oz, 22 inches!


*If anyone needs a listening ear as they are going through infertility or the IVF process please feel free to contact me. It can be a long road and sometimes having someone who understands is incredibly valuable! You can also comment here with any questions and I'll respond!

He is HERE!

After a long wait we are excited to introduce to you our third son, Leo Jack Davis. I had a very easy and healthy 12 hour labor and Leo was born weighing 7lbs 8 oz and 20 in. long. I literally did two pushes and he was out (probably because I was at 10 cm for 3 hours waiting for a delivery doctor).  Anyways, we have a had a few bumps in the road with a tongue tie issue that needs to be resolved again but other than that he is an amazingly sweet baby. 


Introducting Leo Jack Davis! (Named after my Poppy who died in April, Leonard Jack Zetomer). 


I plan to do a post on his birth story, adjusting to life as a family of 5 and how postpartum care has been going very soon. 


ways I am preparing for our new baby.

I have about 6-7 weeks (or 44ish days)  before I give birth to our third son. Being the planner that I am I always have a constant running list of things I need to do before and after this new guy arrives. As much as I try to sit and just enjoy these last few weeks with just two boys it is not me to just push my self-made list aside. Every women is different but I wanted to share with all of you the ways I am preparing for our new baby. My hope is that by tackling some of these things will help alleviate any stress or problems in the future. I have learned how quickly life can change when you add new things onto your plate so each day I am trying to do little tasks to help accomplish all of these goals. 

Ways I am Preparing for our New Baby

  • Clean out all the drawers in all of our bedrooms of clothes we do not wear or need. 
  • Go through all of the boys toy bins to throw out broken toys, donate toys we do not use, and organize all of the tiny pieces of legos and parts we have.
  • Clean out our SUV of the loads of goldfish, sippy cups, and tissues that have accumulated over the year. 
  • Set up a house cleaner to come clean for two months after baby is born. I am thinking I will have her come every 2 weeks to do a big clean and then my mom and I will keep up with the everyday stuff.
  • Organize a drawer of postpartum care for myself. I am putting together a drawer of all of my nursing friendly tanks, comfy pants, and then a separate drawer full of bathroom needs (witch hazel, pads, spray, cream, etc.).
  • Make a list of our favorite take-out and restaurants that I can use Uber Eats for. Our neighborhood sadly does not get delivery for Amazon Fresh or any grocery delivery but I know Uber Eats will come here so on the days where lunch is far from my mind or I can't find anything for dinner I can easily give Nick a name of a place we like to eat and he can order food for us.
  • Make a drawer in the kitchen and in the fridge where I can prepare the boys easily accessible snacks and breakfasts choices.
  • Write up the boys schedule and contact a few friends for when I go into labor. My mom will watch Calvin and Max when I am giving birth and then will come to the hospital right after baby is born so I want to make sure that there is no confusion on what the boys need while I am away. I am also getting our spare car seats ready in case they need to go somewhere with my mom or a friend (think insurance info, doctors numbers, sleep routine, foods they like, etc.).
  • Pack hospital bags for Nick and myself. This is actually the tasks I am most excited about and will probably wait until I am 36 weeks to do. I have always loved getting everything ready for our hospital stay just because it puts everything into perspective for me.

This list might seem long but it honestly helps me so much to have a plan of action and it makes the time I have left to wait not seem so long. I know that it will take a lot of practice for me to learn to let some things go and to just relax once the baby comes but knowing I completed this list will help give me some peace of mind. I would love to hear what you do to prepare for your new baby.

PC: Courtney White 

PC: Courtney White