what I read wednesday.

On a weekly basis I read a wide amount of articles shared to me by friends, family and whatever I see on Facebook (embarassed to admit that one). I wanted to start sharing some of the articles and posts I have read with you all. Please feel free to message me any good articles you come across as well.


mom articles worth reading.

I was planning on responding and interacting with some of these articles but to be completely honest I am still exhausted and not feeling 100% myself. The little energy I do have is being saved up for all my boys so bear with me. Anyways, I wanted to share with you some articles I have been seeing on Facebook and ones that I have had forwarded to me. I would to know if you have read anything worth while, so please share. 

This is a great article about seeing how God provides for us when we want to give up in motherhood. Recognizing that our failures we put upon ourselves do not define us through the lens of the story of Elijah. HERE

An interesting read on how our parenting styles effect the outcome of what our children will be like. HERE

An encouraging post on reasons why a mom choose not to return back to work after having kids. HERE

I relate to this article more than I would like to admit but wanted to share so that people would realize even extroverts have self-esteem and acceptance issues sometimes. HERE

Some fall decor is making an appearance at our house.

Some fall decor is making an appearance at our house.