Leo- 4 Months Old

Leo is a completely different baby than he was a few weeks ago. He is going through so many developmental changes at one time and it incredible how fast he is growing. For once in my life I find myself saying "slow down" and don't want the baby stage to end. Believe it or not he is already scooting/crawling. He mainly uses his knees and throws himself forward to get whatever toy he has his eyes on. Calvin and Max were early crawlers and walkers but Leo is setting a whole new record. Leo is up for about 1.5 hours before needing a nap and goes down super easy. We sing him the Gloria Patri, turn on the sound machine, leave the room and he is out within 5 minutes. His reflux is getting better but is still present. The other two boys outgrew it around the 6/7 month mark so we shall see if he follows suit. 

We have his 4 month check up in a few weeks and are anxious to see just how much he has grown. Leo is the perfect mix of Nick and I and we always comment on how thankful we are that he is part of our family. 


Leo's 4 Month Old Stats

Weight: 16.5 lbs (taken on home scale)

Diapers: Size 3

Clothes: 6-9 months

Eats: Leo is nursing every 2-3 hours during the day and still refuses the bottle

Sleep: 4 naps a day and sleeping through the night (most nights) He has been going down at 8:30 PM each night and we are hoping to put him down by 7:30 PM like his brothers in the next few weeks here. 

Likes: Scooting, toys, his brothers, bath time, music, and being worn in his Solly or Ergo

Dislikes: being overtired, bottles, being on his back for too long, bright lights, his car seat, reflux, and loud sudden noises


Gina's 4 Month Postpartum Stats

Weight: 4lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight

Sleep:  I have been getting 6-8 hours of sleep a night

Clothes: I fit into all of my old tops but still cannot button my old pants ;)

Likes: I like when Leo goes down and sleeps through the night, La Croix lime, pedicures, walks alone at sunset, and sitting outside at night time with Nick

Dislikes: daily anxiety, ants, Leo's blowouts, decision-making, grocery shopping and heat

I am still on anxiety and postpartum depression medicine but am seeing my OB and a postpartum doctor in regards to switching brands since the one I am currently on is giving me awful vivid nightmares. We are going to see if we can start tampering me off of meds and are also going to talk about my raised anxiety. I know having 3 kids is a lot of work and many moms have anxiety from balancing it all but I trust that my providers will help me make a good plan of action. I am often asked how I am doing but it is hard to answer that question.  I don't  like the fact that I need to be on this medication but at the same time am thankful that it allows me to not go throuh dark days like I did with Calvin. God is showing me each day areas of life that I need to surrender to Him and has blessed me with so many encouraging friends who help me walk through the joys and trials of marriage and motherhood.


Leo- 3 Months Old

Leo is such a smiley baby. He wakes up with insane bed hair and is always found with drool on him thanks to Max's wet kisses. He puts himself to bed during the day for naps but is pretty fussy still in the evenings (darn witching hours). Currently he is up for 60-75 min and then goes down for a nap and this happens on repeat all day long. For naps and bedtime I sing him the Gloria Patri and Doxology and then put his sound machine on. Within a few minutes he finds his thumb and is out. Leo's colic is slowly subsiding and thankfully we have more smiley days than days of crying. I also have started to slowly re-introduce dairy and gluten back into my diet and he seems to be doing well. 

I still have about 8 lbs to go to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight. My mom and I go on a 2 mile walk 3 times a week and every day I do about 20 min of leg and core Pilates at home when Leo is napping.  I am quickly seeing that recovery takes a lot longer after a third pregnancy and there are curves in places I never had before. With all the nursing Leo does it is hard to keep up with staying hydrated but I am trying hard to keep track of how much I am drinking.

Leo's 3 Month Stats

Weight: 14 lbs

Diapers: Size 2

Clothes: 6 months

Eating: Every 2-2.5 hours (nursing only) but praying he will take a bottle of BM again soon

Likes: fans, his brothers, naps, sucking his thumb, bath time and being talked to

Dislikes: Getting his clothes changed, spitting-up, car rides, being over-tired, and loud noises


Leo is the perfect addition to our family and with him being our last biological child I am trying to soak up every minute of him being a baby. 

throwback to 3 months ago  

throwback to 3 months ago  

my favorite non-registry items.

A lot of people, myself included, like to share their favorite baby items to register for. These lists are so helpful when you are just getting started and it is nice to know what you absolutely need to have when welcoming a new baby. I wanted to share a few items that I did not have on my registries but that I bought because they are super helpful and sometimes overlooked or not even thought of. All of these items have helped me in too many ways to count and I highly recommend a new or veteran mom to invest in. 

Mommy Hook - The mommy hook is a LIFE SAVER when you are at the mall, grocery store, museum, church, or any event with kids. It is super heavy duty and can hold all your extra bags. I have one and am considering buying a second because if I have it on the wrong stroller I quickly realize how much I rely on it to hold any extra things I may have.

Night lights- Newborns often have a problem with differentiating the difference between day ad night. Obviously, sleep at night is something that is everything so having night lights around the house helps prevent having to put on a lamp or bright light. There is always a middle of the night blow out, spit up, or even trying to find your way to the bathroom. I have night lights in almost every room so Leo and the kids know it is bedtime but I still have the ability to see things.

Arm & Hammer dirty diaper bags - This might be my favorite item on the list. All of my boys have been blow out kids and usually at the worst times. These bags are super cheap and they are scented with baking soda so you can put a dirty diaper inside and throw it in the trash without stinking up someones home or church. I also use them for soiled clothes on the go and can throw it in the car or diaper bag without having any leaks or stench. 

Belly BandAfter having a baby a lot of moms can lose the weight quickly but it is really hard to tighten up all the loose skin that was once a beautiful baby belly. From Day 1 post giving birth (I didn't have a c-section ever so that is why I use it right away) I wear this for around 8 hours a day. About 4 weeks post birth most of my loose skin in my mid-section is back to normal all due to the help of breastfeeding and the extra support from a belly band. Give it a try and I promise you will love it too. 

Long iPhone Charger- Besides getting a long iPhone charger it is also wise to buy a few extras. With those long middle of the night feeds iPhone batteries die quickly. I use my phone to order things on Amazon, blog, email, etc. so having a cord in a few select rooms of the house and also having a long cord for my nursing chair has helped me to always make sure my phone isn't dead and gives me peace of mind knowing if I ever had an emergency my phone is charged.

Britax Marathon convertible car seat- I always see moms registering for baby car seats but never for the next car seat up that most babies need from ages 1-6. Car seats are expensive and registering for both an infant bucket seat and a convertible seat like this can save you a lot of money if someone chooses to gift you with one. I love how easy to install this car seat is and I prefer Britax as a brand after doing research.

Hand Sanitizer for the carNobody wants nasty germs on their kids, especially a new baby. After leaving the doctors office, church, the gas station, or grocery store it is great having antibacteria in the car to use until I am able to wash my hands again. 

Big water bottle- As a nursing mom I am thirsty ALL THE TIME but don't really have the time to fill up a glass all day. A super big canteen keeps me hydrated and I can easily throw it in my diaper bag for on the go.  (I got mine for FREE using my Cartwheel app for Target)

What are some items that you have learned to love but didn't register for originally? Any special mom hacks you have and can share? I am all ears.