my favorite blogs.

Blog world is intense. There are so many.

There are thousands of blogs to choose from and sometimes it can get over-whelming and even discouraging. I have been following blog world for almost four years now and definitely have my favorites.  Things that keep me a diligent follower are bloggers who record real life scenarios, share their faith, give practical help, have great ideas, a blog with clean and beautiful pictures and those who communicate well with their followers.

Most of the women I follow I also follow on Instagram. Even though I do not personally know most of them the relationship that has been grown between some of them has been so encouraging. Many of these girls also have Etsy shops and amazing giveaways, so be sure to keep up with them.

My blog will never be as appealing and interesting as these. It is a hobby for me and I try not to ever make this place something that I feel I have to do. If I do not have time to write or nothing to write about I simply won't. But these women I am about to share are frequent posters and are worth the time investing in. I also use Bloglovin to keep track of all my blogs I follow. I usually read them when nursing Max in the morning or after lunch time. 

My FAVORITE blog ever is Jessica Garvin at Little Baby Garvin

The Small Things Blog

Through Clouded Glass

Happy Home Fairy

A Mother Far from Home

Coconut Robot

Mama and Mister

The Russums

Mundane Faithfulness

Scissortail Silk

September Farm

The Chronicles of Ruthie Hart

Simply Clarke

Us + One

Auj Poj

The Girl in the Red Shoes

Naptime Tales

For the Joy of Life

Do you blog? Do you just like to read blogs? What interests you and keeps you coming back to read new posts?

Do you have a favorite San Diego based blogger to share?

Do you have a favorite San Diego based blogger to share?