we bought a house.

If you haven't noticed lately, I have not posted much these past few weeks because my family likes to do a lot major life events all at once. Nick and I just purchased our first home!!! This was a dream we never thought would be possible and a huge answer to prayer.  We feel extremely blessed to have a home of our own that we can create memories in. We love hospitality and this home has a huge backyard where our kids and friends can have a blast. 

So here is a run down of our craziness coming up:

pack... move...unpack...fly to Sacramento...host my sister Michelle's bridal shower...Calvin's 5th birthday...Michelle's bachelorette...Nick is in a wedding...my sister Bianca's bridal shower...Nick's 30th birthday...Max's 3rd birthday...our 7th year wedding anniversary...Michelle's wedding... Christmas...New Years'...... and then 2018 continues with the busyness.  

Our life is packed with a lot of amazing life events but hey go big or go home! I will try to post updates on our house as we slowly update things and make it our own. It was built in '84 and has some basic updates but I can't wait to put my own touches on the place. First thing to go is the popcorn ceilings!!! 

I will post much better quality pictures soon, these were just taken from one of our cards. 


Some pictures from our real estate card 


the huge backyard is what sold us.