A 1st time mom verses a 3rd time mom.

Nick and I can usually spot out first time moms and dads pretty easily now, especially when traveling. We were there once before, almost 5 years ago now. It's not the bags in their eyes, the cups of Starbucks or the huge over stuffed bags that give them away. When you're a first time mom you give your spouse that look when the baby cries, the "what do we do?" look. We see them bouncing back and forth to "shh" their little baby because the thought of them screaming on the plane is something they have been dreading. They are scared of what others might think and the unknown can be overwhelming.

Fast forward a few years later and maybe a few more kids and there is a very different scene, It might look something like this: They have the security check system down. Slip on shoes, one bag, and they only bring one of their kids. One bag filled with just the necessities: a few diapers, a plastic bag for the blowout they know will happen, some water, a change of clothes and that's about it. The baby cries and mom and dad just laugh or maybe even ignore the noise because they know their baby is just tired and will go to sleep soon. They walk onto the airplane with ease and look for other families to sit next to because if one screams they all will scream. 

A first time mom is in experiment mode. Learning what it means to be a mom and to care for a child. They do an amazing job trying to meet their childs every need. A third time mom knows how fast time will fly. How in hind sight all of those scary and unexpected moments will be fond memories of her early days as a parent. 

Whether you are a first time or third time mom the love you have for your kids is the same, unconditional. I have learned so much over the years but what I have learned most is to not sweat the small stuff because one day you will wish you had those moments back. 

Blowout right as we entered the sky and multiple projectile spit ups. It's all part of the fun!  

Blowout right as we entered the sky and multiple projectile spit ups. It's all part of the fun!  


Snug as a bug in a rug. Also, PSA Southwest now makes you bring birth certificates or st least a picture of it on your phone. Ooops