Getting help is not shameful.

The other day I asked Nick if I was any less of a mother since I have more help than most moms.   My mom lives with us and is a tremendous help and I also have two sisters and a best friend who support me in more ways than they know. 

Nick works 3 miles away from our house, as well as my mom, and I have a handful of moms who I can call or text for wisdom any time of the day. I often feel guilty for needing or asking for help when I emotionally and physically am taxed and when I have more resources than the average mother. I also always wonder and question what others think of me and often feel judged which is just an example of my own insecurities. 

Nick and God both reminded me that God meets us where we are. God cares for me just as much as he cares for my family and with that He has provided me with these blessings and an amazing support system. My worth as a mother is not defined by what I can or cannot do but rather the sacrificial love I have for my kids.  

I am currently taking my placenta encapsulation pills and am on a low dose of anti-depressant for my oncoming postpartum depression. It was hard asking for help from the doctor but I kept reminding myself that my family needed me to be present and having days filled with doubt, darkened, and sadness could be helped with medicine, prayer, and support. I don't share this to have pity but in hopes that if you too don't have an easy time transitioning into new routines and don't handle changes well that there is help and you are not alone. 

I hope that I can share and give the same amount of kindness and help back to other moms going through similar situations as myself since I have been shown so much love. 

We are not promised tomorrow, a happy life, or even good health but God does promise to never leave nor forsake His people. This is something I can take comfort in today and also in the little moments of grace He shows me daily. Don't be guilty for asking for help. Remember that, like me, we need to remember that sometimes asking for it is the hardest part.  

My crew!  

My crew!