Leo is ONE month old!

You would think that by the time I had my third baby boy I would know how to run the ropes ,but that is not the case. I am a firm believer that each child is uniquely different and with that comes a whole new season of learning how each child works. Leo is officially over one month and I am just starting to learn more about him each day.

His frenectomy went really well and his nursing is night and day. Nick and I stretch out his upper lip and underneath his tongue every 4 hours and he should be good in a week or two. I still plan on having someone give him a bottle once a day so that I am able to be away from him for dates and events. I bought a preemie nipple (Avent)  for our bottles because the size 1 nipples were causing him to overly spit-up and he would chug it in under 2 minutes flat. 

Weight: 10 lbs (was 7 lbs 8 oz at birth)

Length: 22 in

Diapers: size 1

Clothes: 0-3 months

Eating: Exclusively nursing every 2-3 hours during the day ( he has taken some bottles of pumped milk)

Likes: bath time, cuddling, and eating

Dislikes: tongue stretches, diaper changes, spitting-up, and wind

He pretty much eats, spits up a ton, and then I rock him down for a nap. REPEAT.  Leo still has colic and also suffers from reflux which has been pretty painful for him. His witching hours are from 6-10pm and thankfully the older two boys go to bed at 7pm so Nick and I only have to handle one fussy baby during the evenings. If Leo isn't eating or sleeping he is pretty needy and I am hoping and praying that by 3 months this will let up. 

So many mommas are sad when the newborn stage is over but I personally am not a huge newborn fan. I love when babies begin to get chunky and can hold their head up. I look forward to the day when he can roll on the floor with his brothers and also when we can get longer stretches of sleep at night.

In the month that has passed I am now starting to be okay with being at home with all 3 boys. By 3pm I am going a little nuts but thankfully Calvin and Max are understanding that baby Leo is needy and once he is down for a nap I can give them my full attention ( and also I try to throw a shower in there). I have survived 1 month of juggling 3 kids and when days get rough or when I am anxious I am reminded that I have much to be thankful for. My prayer is that I would always see the little nuggets of good amongst the hard and challenging. 

We love you little peanut!

Makenzie Reese Photography

Makenzie Reese Photography