5 Ways I Pranked My Wife Today For #AprilFoolsDay


So last year, she got me good. Really, really good.

My workday started with this:

Oh yeah, and before that happened she put the face of Donald Trump in my morning shower...

Good one, G! 

So this year I HAD to do something.

Here are some ways I loved my wife back today for what she did to me last year:

  1. Rubber bands around the water faucet 💦✅

  2. Enabled Autocorrect on her phone for common keywords ("No" = "I'm so tired")✅

  3. Endless typing on text messaging ✅

  4. Frozen iPhone home screen ✅

  5. And Posting this on her blog ✅



She still thinks her phone is broken, to this very second. 😂




Love you ❤️,