something every mom needs to hear.


I am not a person who needs constant affirmation for my abilities, looks, or accomplishments. I try to give myself a lot of slack and don't take myself too seriously. A few nights ago I went into the boys room and changed Max's diaper in the middle of his sleep, re-put on his socks, and filled his sippy with water. This is a routine I do almost every night. My reasoning behind this is that if he is dry, warm, and hydrated than he won't need to wake in the middle of the night and 99% of the time this works. I commented to Nick on how I am so strange to always do all these things when he isn't up. 

 "G, you're a really good mom." That was Nick's response to me and it has stuck with me for the last few days. I realized in that moment that although I do not need to be affirmed that I am a good mom, it meant so much to verbally hear that I was not crazy but actually was doing something right and good for our child. I know that my kids and husband appreciate both the small and great things I do to serve them each day, but for all of us moms it is so encouraging to actually hear these words. 

In my own mind, I often tell myself "Why do you do that?" or "That is a waste of time" or "No one cares that you do this" and the list goes on. I easily forget that God has chosen ME to be the one who is to love all of these boys and my husband. You too were specifically designed for YOUR family. What you do is enough for them and they need YOU. Not anyone else. Just you, in all of your you-ness.

There will be a day when our kids are grown up and we're no longer needed. But for now, many of us are needed, cherished, and were created to be a good mom to our kids. If you haven't heard that you are a good mom in a while, I am here to tell you that you ARE a good mom!