a letter to moms about bathing suits.

Dear Friend, 

It's summertime and you know exactly what that means. The AC will be running all day, popsicles will be stocked in the freezer, sunscreen will be put on, and bathing suits will be worn. 

Don't be scared.

If you're a mom like me, your body is not the same anymore.

Whether your child came out via c-section, pushed out, or was born in your heart, you are not the same anymore. Your body is older now and more mature. Far gone are the days when you could wear a two-piece without having to worry about fat over-hanging or sitting down without showing some cellulite. This body you have helps care for children and a home. It is a temple that was perfectly and beautifully made, but it has some significant changes to it.

This summer as you stand in front of the mirror pulling and prodding at your suit, remember who is watching you. Your son or daughter is looking up to you even when you think they are not paying attention. They see your complaints and notice your lack of confidence. They see your discontentment. 

But they also see your beauty. To them you are the most beautiful person in the world. The fact that you are willing to put a bathing suit on to spend time with them will always be enough. They do not recognize your nursing breasts or that you had to get a new bottom two or more sizes larger this year. They certainly don't care how much or how little you spent to look half-way decent. 

They do care that you smile and enjoy playing with them. 

So this summer put on your bathing suit. Whichever one makes you feel beautiful. Do not judge the other moms who might wear something different than you would wear, but applaud her for stepping out and being bold. Don't compare yourself to her or to your friends who may not be in the same stage of life that you are in. Don't compare yourself to your younger, slimmer self, your sisters, or to your husband who gets more gym time than you and didn't birth a baby. 

For me, a two piece is all I know and what I feel comfortable wearing. For some, a tankini might feel more comfortable and for others, a one piece. Whatever the size or color, put it on and enjoy the summer because our days are numbered. 

Wear what makes you feel beautiful. Eat what makes you feel good. Play with those kids who are craving your attention.

Love always, 

A fellow mom who also looks twice in the mirror before stepping out in a bathing suit.