transgender bathroom controversies.

If you have watched the news recently you know that the big hot topic right now is transgender bathroom laws. I want to make it clear at the outset that I do not hate anyone who is part of or supports the LGBT community. We do not see eye to eye on many issues, but that does not mean I will not respect, serve, or love on anyone who does not hold the same worldview as myself. I also want to make it clear that we are each entitled to our own beliefs and opinions and for that reason I am using this place to share my views on this matter that is trending all over the U.S.

It is very likely that I have already been in the same bathroom as a transgender person before and have not known it. Like most people I go to public bathrooms to do my business, wash my hands, and leave. Pretty straightforward. Thankfully, I have yet to have a bad experience in a bathroom where I felt unsafe or threatened in anyway by any type of person. With that being said I am confused as to why this bill is trying to be passed. Have people of the transgender community had problems in the past with using the bathroom they identify with? If they have what happens? Who enforces and checks to see if they are violating bathroom code? I am not trying to be naive to the fact that bullying or issues could have happened in the past but I have not heard of anyone being told that they could not go in a bathroom because they had a gender change or identify with the opposite sex.

By allowing anyone to use any bathroom they choose, we are making it impossible for law enforcement to question or stop someone from using a bathroom that a person should otherwise not be in. I am not talking about the majority of the transgender community but rather those people in this world who do wish harm toward others. This is a perfect opportunity for those with ill intentions to go into the wrong bathroom to cause problems simply because they can (I have in mind perverted men and women, curious teens, child-molesters etc.). Those who oppose my view will use the line "What is stopping those people now from going in the wrong bathroom?" I offer this response: "With this new bill passing, there is nothing we can do to stop it." Prior to having all gender bathrooms law enforcement would have authority to question and even arrest a man from following girls into a bathroom. But now hands will be unnecessarily tied. I personally would not feel safe with a creep chilling in the girls room simply because they could. All they would need to say is, "I am identifying as a women today." Actually, I don't even think that needs to be said with the new bill that California just passed.

My concern is with those who are not transgender and would use this to their advantage and abuse the law. I personally do not care if someone who is transgender and identifies as a girl uses the girls bathroom. I just want to pee and leave without having to worry about a peeping tom or have any other issues. 

I also wish that I could understand more the mindset and worldview of people who are part of the LGBT community. I have a few same-sex friends but still have not been able to wrap my mind around how it all works. For example, with someone who is biologically a man but identifies as female, are they attracted to males or females? Does that make them gay or straight depending on the answer? Guys who are gay and act feminine are attracted to guys who are also feminine, but not to women who usually by nature are feminine? See my confusion? I truly want to understand it more.

Again, I do not hate or dislike LGBT people, but I do not support the lifestyle. In my opinion  being a man or a woman is so much more than who we "identify as." Biologically we are different. Our DNA, our build, our hormones, our abilities, etc. Neither man nor women is held higher than the other in the sight of God, both male and female are counterparts that form a whole that is in the image of God. But he did make each of us, man and woman, differently and I wish we would encourage people more to be comfortable in their own skin verses encouraging them to try to change themselves. The idea of taking hormone pills, surgeries, and actual biological changes to one's body seems so drastic and painful. I do believe someone can be born with an attraction to the same-sex--my worldview doesn't rule that out for we are conceived and brought forth in sin. All of us are born into sin and each have unique sins to deal with. I do however think it is so important to love how we were made. I have curly hair, brown eyes, am short, and am not athletic. I can straighten my hair, wear colored contacts, put on high heels, and train for sports, but all of this will not change the fact that biologically I am what I stated above. 

My friend Megan S.  just showed me this article which I think is helpful and informative on the same issue. Transgenderism

Those are my thoughts on this hot topic. I'm interested to hear what the rest of you think about this. Feel free to comment below or on the FB group.