working out for the mom who has little time.

After giving birth there is a lot of pressure to fit back into your pre-pregnancy pants. I gave myself about 3 months after each baby to get back into the groove of being active and healthy. I have tried going to the gym, attending group classes, and even setting goals for myself but always ended up defeated. During the early months and years of my kids growing up I like to be available for them and that leaves virtually no time for a scheduled work out. 

Even though I am busy I realized that it was not an excuse for not being fit. So I came up with a very loose and manageable way to fit in a little workout each day. Basically, I do what I can given what I am doing with the boys. It also helps that my mom uniform is workout clothes so I can be ready to get a quick workout in any time of the day. 

If we are at the park I will do air squats, lounges, and box jumps.

If we are playing on the floor I will do leg circles, some other leg pilates moves and focus on abs.

If I want to watch a show during nap time I will do air squats.

If we are in the backyard I will jump rope (best work out ever).

If we finish dinner early we go on a family walk with our Double Bob Stroller. Our neighborhood has some pretty steep hills and it averages to be a 2.5 mile walk.

If we have a breezy day Nick and I will take the boys to go play soccer at the fields.

I have never been an athletic person but I do want to be healthy for my family. These little workouts throughout the day have helped me get to my pre-pregnancy weight. I give myself a lot of grace and without any added pressure I find myself looking forward to these exercises instead of dreading them. 

So if you are anything like me and have a hard time fitting a workout in throughout the day try something small. It is better to do a little bit than to do nothing at all. I also keep in mind that one day I will have a lot more time to focus on a full workout (cycling is my jam) but for now this will do.

What do you do to stay active? Are you apart of a gym, Crossfit, or any other type of group fitness group? How do you stay motivated?


Jump roping while the boys play in their make shift fort  

Jump roping while the boys play in their make shift fort  

This is the best view for a work out

This is the best view for a work out