our sleep routine for the boys.

I am always interested in hearing about other mom's sleep routines with their kids so I thought I would share mine too. If you have any other tips, suggests, or advice I would love to hear them. Our sleep routine is split between Nick and myself. Many of your spouses might work nights or get home late so I know this does not work for everyone. Thankfully, Nick works 2 miles away and he is always home for dinner and therefore he is a big help to me with the boys. Getting ready for bed is a special time for us as a family and I am thankful that Nick enjoys helping me out.


After dinner around 6:15 PM Nick gives the boys a bath while I clean the kitchen up from the dinner. When I am finished I lay out the kids pjs and help Nick with bath time. Calvin and Max get a bath every single night, they have been doing this since their first week home. They love the water, we love clean kids, and it really doesn't take long at all so it is a win win at our house. Calvin is 3.5 years old and is at the stage where he can go without a nap. We head back into the living room after they are dressed and the boys play until it is Max's bedtime.

At 6:40 PM I take Max to get ready for bed. 

- Turn sound machine on (best invention ever!!!!) 

-Put Max in his sleep sack

-Give him his "night night" aka Aden and Anais security blanket

-We  read 2 books, recite the Lord's Prayer and then nurse him. Max was fully weaned for the last month but then after he was sick he would cry to nurse again so I began nursing him again just right before bed. We are going on a little couple's trip in a few weeks here so I plan to fully stop while I am away. 

-When I am done nursing Max, usually 5-10 mins. I lay him in his bed sleepy but awake and recite the Gloria Patri and leave the room. He usually doesn't say a word and will get cozy and fall asleep. Other times he might whine for a second but he is always excited to go to bed which makes it easy for me. He is out by 7:00 PM or earlier.

Calvin is allowed to watch a show with Nick while I am putting Max down and have some one on one time with Dad. If he does not nap he is in bed by 7:15 PM but he if does nap he can't fall asleep until after 8 PM. Most days I have him rest by me while Max takes his long nap so that the boys are both in bed by 7:15 PM and Nick and I can enjoy a few hours alone kid free. 

-At 7:00 PM Calvin brushes his teeth and goes potty

- They read two books and recite the Lord's prayer and then pray for the needs of friends and family

- Sound machine, night light and lavender spray

- Nick says good night and then leaves the door half way open and leaves the room. Calvin has a big imagination and will go through weeks where he is scared to be in his room alone but thankfully the past two months he has been really brave. I think since he is usually so tired from not napping he is too exhausted to fight sleep. 

Calvin wakes to go potty usually around 1 PM and then jumps in my moms bed. This has been happening for a year now and my mom loves it so we don't plan on disrupting his routine at this point. The boys both wake up between 6:30-6:45 PM and then we do it all again. Some people ask me if Nick misses putting Max to bed or if I miss putting Calvin to bed but we really like splitting the tasks up between us both. This gives us one on one time with the boys and it is only for a short season until they sleep in the same room (I plan on doing this once Max turns 2 in November). 

The best part of the early bedtime is that there is still enough time left in the day for me to get any errands done, have a date night, watch a movie, blog, read, clean the house, or have company over. I love knowing that we can get out of the house sometimes without the boys being sad that we aren't home.  In a few months things might change a little we will readjust accordingly but for now this is working out pretty well. 

What does your sleep routine look like? Do your kids have a security blanket or sound machine? What is your favorite book to read for bedtime?