recipes: my mom's famous marinara sauce

I am not one who normally attempts many recipes on blogs because I can't tell how the person cooks normally. But I am always on the lookout for staples to make an add to my meal planning lists. My mom's sauce is one of the most versatile staples. You can make your basic pasta and sauce, chicken Parmesan, pizza, raviolis, basically anything paired with a carb or some veggies. Her meatballs are AMAZING but we are keeping that one a secret ;) One of our family traditions is to cook and I hope you will learn to love cooking as much as we do.

This sauce is cooked best when you have time to let it cook in order to bring out it's full flavor. If you are on a time crunch it can easily be made into a quick sauce (around 1 hour). A lot of sauces I have tried have a lot of dried herbs and our family tends to like simple bold flavors, so do not be surprised for the lack of ingredients. 


Phyllis' Marinara Sauce

1 can of tomato sauce

3 cloves of garlic, crushed

6 basil leaves

1 can of tomato paste

Olive oil

Red wine

Salt and Pepper

In a big sauce pot on Medium heat sautee the crushed garlic until translucent and right before it browns. Add the can of sauce, paste, and then I add 1/2 a can of water (use the sauce can as a measuring cup) and add it to the sauce. Bring heat to High and the sauce to a boil. Once boiling add some salt, a good splash of wine, the basil and some pepper. Stir and bring the sauce to a simmer on Low and put the lid on. Stir often and let sauce simmer for at least an hour (I like to let it cook on low for at least 2 hours). Be sure to taste the sauce and add salt if needed. Serve over pasta and add parmesan cheese.

Let me know how it goes and buono appetito! 

Wine for the sauce and wine for the chef.

Wine for the sauce and wine for the chef.