watching my tongue.

I hope I am not alone in this after sharing, but if so then maybe I can get some encouragement.  My kids definitely bring out the worst and best in me.  Being a mom means that you can always expect the unexpected and for a OCD A-type personality person this can sometimes be pretty inconvenient. February has been a challenging month for us with me and the kids being sick and when I am not feeling my best people know it. I have noticed that when I am frustrated about something or when things are not going my way with my kids I take it out on my husband. It is so much easier for me to get upset or to be snappy with him than it is to be like that with my kids. 

There are way too many moments where I remember I was stressed about something and since my husband did not know what I needed at that moment or what I was thinking I in turn made him feel small or not valued. In those future nights when the boys are sick or when there is milk spilled all over the floor or I have no gas on a Sunday morning I pray that I would consider Nick's feelings and honor him in both my words and actions.

My tongue and the words that I say can truly hurt and I know that. But when I am in the heat of the moment or juggling a thousand things at once I can be blunt and too forward. I am not talking about swearing or saying nasty things but more scenarios like "can you help me, already?", "run, hurry I need you", "how could you not see that mess?" The delivery, body language and actual word choice can be changed and if I did that I think in turn I would receive the response and action I need. 

My goal and prayer this year is to breathe, think, and then speak. I want Nick and my family to know that even when I am not at ease that I will treat them with love and with respect. It isn't right that I do this normally with strangers or friends and not with those who are closest to me. Of course this is due mostly to being too comfortable around those I love but it is not an excuse for not watching my tongue. 

Do you ever find yourself stressed or overwhelmed by the day? How do you handle yourself? Do you have to watch your tongue and heart when you are upset?