pregnancy #3 updates

I realized a few days ago that I haven't really updated much on this pregnancy. Most of my days are spent in survival mode simply because keeping up with two busy boys and also being pregnant has left me pretty exhausted. At time it feels like this pregnancy has lasted forever and other times I can't believe I have less than 10 weeks to go.

Updates on Baby Boy #3

Due Date: March 1st (I ususally go at least 2 days late)

Weeks Pregnant: 30 weeks!

Name Options: We have always done family names for our boys so since this is our third son our choices have dwindled down to either super Italian names or some generic ones. Contenders: Leo, Lucian, or Nicholas. For middle names we have Martin, Mario, and Jack.

Weight Gain: 26 lbs (ah, I blame this on all of the cookies I have been baking with my mom!)

Vaccines and Diabetes Test: I declined all vaccines for myself until post birth, although I will probably only get the whooping cough shot. I also have not done my glucose test. My mom is a diabetic and has a glucometer here at home and I know all the signs of diabetes and have yet to see any. I also did not have gestational diabetes with the boys so I am being a rebel and saving myself from downing that nasty drink. 

Movement: He moves mostly at night and when he does it is a sharp elbow or foot which makes my stomach look pretty funny.

Wedding Rings: Off! I am currently rocking a $25 Amazon tungsten ring

Baby Room: Our baby room is currently housing all of our present wrapping supplies. I have a lot of things already but still need a baby monitor, Rock and Play (must-have for any newborn in my opinion), sound machine, stroller, diapers, boppy, and a baby lounger. We do have a car seat and everything I need for nursing so if he ever comes early we will have the necessities.

Feeling: I feel huge and am showing a lot! My sciatic and groin pain are pretty awful but I am trying to be thankful in the midst of it all.  I am only wearing maternity clothes right now and have officially started the pregnancy waddle. HERE are my favorite maternity leggings and also my new favorite maternity online shop HERE. I can't wait to not be pregnant anymore and am also very excited to be birthing in our towns brand new hospital verses the old one I have had to deliver in previously. Nick and I are going to soak up every minute of being in the hospital alone with just one kid. It will be like a date night, right?!?  

My best friend is 8 weeks ahead of me and it's been so nice to go through this experience with her. 

My best friend is 8 weeks ahead of me and it's been so nice to go through this experience with her.