Sorry for being MIA lately but we have had a lot of good stuff going on and I did not find time to get away. I thought the best way to recap our last two weeks was to share things that I am thankful for, but in pictures! We just got back from visiting Nick's side of the family in Sacramento and I have been spending my day unpacking suitcases, doing laundry, cleaning the house, and catching up on some shows and reading. 

I hope to be more active on here soon and am thankful for all of you who have stuck around despite my lack of regularity. I love Christmas time and this year has been especially fun since the boys get excited about the smallest things. 



I am thankful to have reached the 27 week mark in my pregnancy. Even though I am so uncomfortable with the pressure this baby puts on my body and how easily it is for me to get tired, I know how blessed I am to have come this far.


I am thankful for the friendship these two boys have as brothers. They both love trains and we spent Max's 2nd birthday with Nick's parents at the railroad museum in Sacramento followed with a pizza lunch, two of Max's favorite things.


I am thankful for family heirlooms and traditions. The boys LOVED riding on the ATV's at the Davis farm and let's face it, I enjoyed it too. We don't get to enjoy activities like this in San Diego so we soaked it all up.


I am thankful for these two November boys who have such a special bond. Nick is a very hands on Dad and I love how he is always willing to come make memories with us as a family.


I am thankful for being a boy mom. I know every mom wants a baby girl but I honestly always knew I would be a boy mom. Would a girl have been fun? Yes! But growing up in a house full of girls had made this new boy adventure all the more fun. Bring on all the trains, trucks, excavators, protein, and dirt. 


I am thankful for this crew right here. My mom and sisters are such a gift! They are so helpful with my boys and are always around to help Nick and I in whatever capacity we need. It is crazy to think that in a short amount of time we will be almost outnumbered by boys.


I am thankful for airplanes. Driving to Sacramento is HARD with young kids. Our one hour flights are a lot of fun for the boys and make traveling to see family so much easier. Calvin loves ordering apple juice from the stewardesses and the whole act of going to the airport is equivalent to Disneyland, win!


I am thankful for my mom and Calvin's special bond. My mom and Calvin grew super close when I was suffering really bad with post-partum depression. She would have Calvin sleep in her room every night and then bring him to me to nurse and take him back again. They now share a love of cooking together and thanks to her help Calvin now makes pretty darn good vanilla chocolate chip homemade ice cream.


I am thankful for cousins. My sisters are not married, yet, so I am so glad Nick's sisters have the sweetest kids. There are currently 7 grandkids, with more on the way so this lively crew continues to grow. Max loved being sung to by all his aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. The cupcakes were not too bad either ;).


I am thankful for cold nights around the Christmas tree. There is something relaxing about sitting around the tree and it also makes for a very inexpensive date night. Nick and I love catching up on the day together once this tree is filled with old and new ornaments that help me to remember all that I have been given in Christ.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving week. I would love to hear about some of your Christmas traditions so please share.