Most embarrassing mom moment.

Last year I wrote about why we were choosing to not lie to our kids about Santa Claus HERE. Well today that all bit me in the butt. I took the kids to the mall and was so excited to show them the huge Christmas tree. Once we got there we saw the mall Santa Claus and there was no line so the worker at the desk said the kids could say hi to him and get a candy cane without having to pay $$$$ for a picture, SCORE!

The boys said hi and gladly took their treat when my worst fears came true. A group of kids and their moms arrived and Calvin very loudly proclaimed, "Mom, see Santer (Calvin's version of Santa) is REAL!!!You told me he was FAKE but he is right here!! Why did you tell me that?" I was turning 50 shades of red as I noticed all the death stares from the moms around me. Calvin kept going on and on how he knew Santa was real and how I didn't tell him the truth. I gathered up the boys as fast as I could to get away from the angry looking moms and headed for the escalator. 

Once on the escalator with a whole new group of kids and moms Calvin told some children, "My mom said Santr (Santa) wasn't real but look he is real. Where are his reindeer?" This of course got me a whole new bunch of angry stares and I rushed off as fast as I could to shove some food in Calvin's mouth before he completely embarrassed me anymore. This was not the first time Calvin has said the wrong thing at the wrong time but it has never affected so many people at one time so my embarrassment level was through the roof as you can imagine. 

I still plan not to lie to my kids about Santa Claus but at the same time do not want to ruin their amazing imagination. I told Calvin in the car that Santa is not real but if he wanted to believe so for now than that was fine. My journey through motherhood has been anything but unplanned and I can count more than enough times where my child really does say the worst possible thing at the wrong time. Everyday I am seeing more and more of my personality and Calvin. Part of me is scared to see myself (the good and the bad) reflected into a little human and the other part loves it. 

Has your child completely embarrassed you in public? How are you tackling the Santa conversations? What are some crazy things your kids have said unexpectedly?