third times a charm

The day I found out I was pregnant with this baby I told Nick a funny joke. I nursed both boys until they were almost 1.5 years old and he assumed I planned on the same for this one. I told him that this baby would be 100% formula fed and that this time around he would do all the night feeds since I did the other two. I kept a straight face and told him it was only fair this way. His reaction was, "So, you're going back to work then?" We got into a mini disagreement and after knocking some sense into him ;) I told him I was joking and that Lord-willing I would nurse this baby too and he would get some precious sleep for work the next day. I am both jealous of him and excited for me for those sweet night time cuddles. 

I have been thinking a lot about what I will do the same and what I will do differently with Baby Davis #3. Each baby is so different. And with each baby, I have also changed and grown as a mother.

Here is a list of what I will do differently this third go-around. Still, can't believe we are doing this again:

1. Never say no to help or meals. I hate to inconvenience people, so with my first two, I often said no to help or an extra meal even when I was drowning. This time around, if help is offered and I need it, I plan to thankfully and gratefully accept. 

2. Take time to heal and rest. Instead of focusing on how someone didn't load my dishwasher they way I like (yes, I am this crazy) or something being out of place I want to enjoy the time to rest, take care of myself, and regain my energy back. I attribute a lot of the beginning stages of my postpartum depression with Calvin due to so many continuous nights of zero sleep that I mentally was not all there and could not be rational. 

3. Not be afraid to love and hold my baby. I always feared to create bad habits with the boys. I started following their self-created routines around 3 months and never let them sleep in my bed or in someone's arms for too long. With this baby, I would cherish those nights where the baby (hopefully) will like to take a nap in my arms or sleep on my chest or daddies. The newborn stage is so so short and I want to savor every second of it. I also miss being able to sit for 30-40 minutes at a time nursing and not having another care in the world. In the beginning, it seems like forever but those babies grow so efficient so quickly that I missed the downtime. 

4. I plan to introduce a bottle of pumped milk the first week. Every article and momma I talked to always warned me of nipple confusion and therefore always waited weeks to introduce the bottle with the boys and lone behold they both never took a bottle. The boys thankfully always had early bedtimes (7pm) so Nick and I still were able to go on date nights or I was able to step out and get some alone time but I still had time constrictions. I have an over-supply and can easily pump a bottle so our plan is each evening Nick or my mom will always offer a bottle so that there is consistency and hopefully no resistance in the future. 

5. Have more family and friends take pictures and videos of me with the kids. Like many stay-at-home moms and just moms in general we always have a iPhone in our hand but rarely are we in the picture. I have so many videos on my phone of the kids with family and friends but less than a handful of me interacting with them. 90% of the day I am with my kids and I would to have some memories of the moments of camera for not only me to look back on but also for them. I told Nick about this idea and he is committed to getting me to be in the picture and video footage more. 

6. Lastly, I want to get out of the house more in the early weeks when I can. I often stay home for months on end when nursing is still new and the sessions are long. Since the boys will be over 4 and 2.5 I want to take advantage of their easy demeanor and venture out when I need the fresh air. Most newborns sleep well in a baby carrier and in public in general so I hope I am brave enough to get us all in the car and out of the house more often.

Being a soon-to-be mom of 3 kids does not make me a veteran or pro by any means, the same way being married for longer doesn't mean I cook like Ina Garten, quite the opposite actually. I expect I will still be texting my favorite mom friends crying asking for advice and googling everything from poop color to sleep routines. My goal is to enjoy more of all that there is involved with getting to be a new mom all over again. We find out the baby's gender in less than two weeks!!! I am pretty convinced this is another boy, but if it is a girl Nick might end up being one happy "Dadda." Please keep our little one in your prayers that God would continue to grow our baby and to keep him/her healthy and thriving. 

Hitting the half-way mark this week. 

Hitting the half-way mark this week.