toddler sleep struggles.

It is no surprise that we like our sleep around here. Our kids have always had an early bedtime and Nick and I value our alone time just as much as we value our time with our kids. With having a third baby on the way we are trying to help pave the road for the smoothest transition possible. Two weeks ago we moved Max out of his beloved master closet and moved both boys into a room together. I was originally super hesitant about this but thanks to the gentle push of one of my best friend's the transition has not been awful at all.

Currently we put both boys to bed together at 7pm. We read books, pray. sing and then Nick tucks Calvin into his bed and I put Max into his crib. Max really wants to sleep with Calvin but Calvin (being such a routine kid) is not having it right now. We still use fans, a sound machine, and black out curtains to help the boys sleep through the night.

When we leave the room Max uses that time period to basically go crazy. He jumps up and down in his crib like it is the best possible thing in the world to do and proceeds to throw out his "night night" aka Aden and Anais security blanket and sippy cup of water onto the floor. Calvin is usually super tired at this point since he no longer naps so Max is always confused as to why he isn't joining in on the fun. Max will giggle and say "come on brother" on repeat for a good 20 or so minutes before falling asleep. 

The struggle we have is during the middle of the night when Calvin wakes up. Max has been sleeping through the night for over a year now so he is out for the night once he is asleep. For the past two years Calvin has always woken up to use the potty and then has been sleeping with my mom every night. We are trying to break this habit and also give my mom a break from sleeping with Calvin since he is a very active sleeper and can easily kick you in the face while he sleeps.

For now we are putting him back into his bed and if he gets out Nick is in charge of making sure he either goes back or if he is emotionally just scared Nick will jump into bed with him. We don't want him in our bed because:

1. We have a queen bed which is small
2. We want him to get used to his bed for when Max eventually goes into a big boy bed and
3. When the baby comes I always like to have my newborns in my room for the first 3 months and we don't want baby brother waking him up. 

Our bedrooms are less than 10 feet away and our door is open, so our hope is that every night he will slowly get used to being in his own bed alone. I am sure that right when that happens Max will learn to jump out of his crib, but we are working on one kid at a time. Calvin learned to get out of his crib around 22 months so we are keeping Max in his sleep sack for as long as possible to help prolong that event. 

Every family does bedtime and sleep differently. For us, we like our room to be "ours" and value time alone together. I'm also not a cuddler by any means so the fewer bodies in our bed the better. And I always get anxious when we try something new. Thankfully, this transition is going much smoother than we thought. Our boys are loving their new room together and my hope is that they will love being together just as much as my sisters and I loved being able to share a room. I have just over 4 months until baby boy #3 arrives so I am not wasting any opportunities to maximize my sleep before we go back into newborn survival mode. 

What sleeping arrangement do you have for your kids? Did the transition from crib to bed go smoothly for you? Any tips or advice on room-sharing, nightmares, and middle of the night wake-ups?

2 of the same for everything

2 of the same for everything

They read Room on the Broom ALL DAY long

They read Room on the Broom ALL DAY long

Work in progress

Work in progress