plans for 2016.

I am not a goal-making girl but I am a planner. I love crossing things off lists and if I plan on something I am more likely to complete it instead of making it a goal. I hope that isn't confusing because in my mind there is a difference. This time last year, Nick and I wrote out a list of things we wanted to do in 2015 and sadly, I had to throw the list out. I am happy to report that we did 10 out of the 15 things that we wrote down. I actually hope to have our plans for this year written someplace where we can see it so we are more prompted to do the things we desire to do.

We are in the honeymoon stage of parenthood again with Max officially being a toddler and Calvin being 3 years old. Although Max still hates being in the car for long, we can travel much easier now and he is slowly moving to one nap a day which will make trips that much better. 

This year for Calvin we are planning on doing swim lessons again, but are going to do private lessons so we do not have a repeat of last year. See my posts about that drama here. Calvin was not the biggest fan of soccer when we did it at the YMCA, so we are going to try a few sports in our backyard and see what he gravitates to. He is pretty awesome at his strider bike and even though that might not be a team sport it is fun to watch him do something that he loves. With Max I am planning on doing some more one on one things with him. Every morning Calvin and I have time alone to do "school and catechism," but I rarely sit with Max alone and work with him on things that are age appropriate. When Calvin gets up from his nap, I am going to use this time to be with Max while he gets his snack and energy back for the remainder of the day. 

Some other plans we have as a family this year are:

  • Take a walk on the Rancho Bernardo bridge that we see from the freeway.
  • Take the boys to SeaWorld (yes, I have seen Blackfish and it makes me sad but I love the pet show there and how intimate the park is).
  • Go to Del Mar (and the beach! We live in San Diego for goodness sakes!) more often and walk the shore.
  • Visit Connecticut (without the boys).
  • Go to the gun range (without the boys).
  • Visit Palm Desert again and go back to the amazing spa.
  • Take a knife class (for cooking).
  • Find a family hobby that we all enjoy doing.
  • Go to Disneyland as a family.

I love having plans for things that are realistic and obtainable. Our boys are easily pleased with going to Target and the humane society, but it's exciting to have plans to do other things with them that Nick and I also want to do. With everything we try to find the easiest and cheapest way to make great memories.

Please feel free to share where you like to go, the best coupons, tips for travelling with kids, etc. What are your plans/goals for 2016? Did you accomplish everything you wanted to last year?