27 things about me on my 27th birthday.


I am 27.

I cannot believe I have reached this number and not because I think I am old. I am just constantly shocked at how quickly time goes by. So in honor of my birthday week I thought it would be fun to share some info about myself for those of you who are new readers and for my friends.

  1.  I am the oldest of three daughters
  2. I was born and raised in Connecticut
  3. My favorite food used to be stuffed artichokes until I bit into a leaf recently that had a huge bug and babies in it
  4. I love taking super hot showers
  5. I bite my nails, always have, always will
  6. I studied Communication and Religious Studies at San Diego State University
  7. I am 50% Sicilian and 25% Russian and 25% Hungarian
  8. I am lactose intolerant but am addicted to chocolate
  9. I first saw my husbands picture on a greek gods calendar
  10. I was raised and catechized as a Roman Catholic and converted to Christianity (Protestantism) 7 years ago
  11. I gained over 50 lbs for both of my pregnancies
  12. I could easily live off of olives, pepperchinis, and Kit-Kats
  13. I do not have a talent that I am good at
  14. I was a cheerleader in high school
  15. Every morning I do a dance party for my boys and they make me feel like a super star
  16. I hate birthday cake and each year request rice crispy treats with sprinkles and a bowl of pomegranate seeds
  17. I love craft beer, preferably IPA's and sour ales
  18. I have a dream of meeting Val and Maks Chmerkovskiy from Dancing with the Stars
  19. I have severe OCD and am a perfectionist
  20. My biggest pet peeves are ugly feet and people who chew loudly
  21. I am sensitive to lights, sounds, and touch
  22. My husband and I had dreams of living in a tiny home before we had kids and want to own one as a vacation home one day
  23. I truly think I have the two cutest boys on the planet (every mom says that)
  24. Growing up I always wanted to be a judge
  25. My favorite pass time is going on dates with Nick and family dinners
  26. I hate flying and therefore will never get to visit Europe
  27. I hope to learn dancing this year with Nick (rumba, tango, salsa, and country line dancing)

Please let me know a little more about yourself.