max's birth story.

Maddox (Max) James Davis
7 lbs 8 oz 20 in long
Born on Thanksgiving Day (November 27, 2014)

It is Thanksgiving morning, 2014 and even though I had prayed to not go into labor on my anniversary (11/26) or on Thanksgiving, here I was ready to have our sweet boy. I have heard that your second time giving birth is a lot shorter  but did not want to get my hopes up. Unlike my pregnancy with Calvin, I didn't have a long birth plan. I knew we didn't want any shots, cream on his eyes, that we wanted to encapsulate the placenta to prevent post-partum depression and that we wanted skin-to-skin time so we could bond and help him to nurse. Other than that we had some what an idea of what to expect since it was not our first rodeo. My mom and sisters were able to witness Max's arrival into the world and it was a beautiful day for our family, the best Thanksgiving we will probably ever have.

Now for the story...

5am on  November 27th, I woke up with a bad stomach ache. I went to the bathroom and had some bad cramps. I figured this must be labor since I was already two days late. Instead of waking anyone up I laid in bed and just tried to rest, Nick was sleeping in Calvin's room that evening. 

Around 6:30am the cramps had turned into contractions and I texted my mom "I think I am in labor, the contractions are pretty consistent".

By 7:00 AM, I went into my sister Michelle's room and told her my contractions were getting progressively stronger and that they were coming every 5 minutes for almost a minute long. Nick and Calvin woke up and I filled Nick in on what was happening so far. 

At this point I went back into my room while everyone (mom, sisters, Nick, and Calvin, it was Thanksgiving so everyone was around). I was bouncing on my pilates ball while leaning over my bed. Nick and my other family members would periodically come check on me while everyone started on breakfast.

By now we knew this was probably the real deal so the turkey would have to wait (we were all pretty sad about this, my mom is the queen at Thanksgiving). I remembered Calvin's birth took 34 hours and I was not about to go in the awful car ride to the hospital only to be sent home so I tried to manage the pain and extreme pressure as best as I could, this included swearing. 

I had Nick jump in the shower as the contractions quickly picked up and I was in the moaning mode as I like to call it. My sister Michelle had worked in L&D for a few months now as a intern and she said my moaning noises were getting real intense and we should prepare to leave for the hospital soon.

By 8am I moved from the ball into my rocking chair and every time I had a contraction I would bear down into the chair as Nick and Michelle helped me try to relax and breathe. Each time this happened I felt like a sand bag was weighing me down in the birth canal region and the pressure was getting very very intense, to the point where I couldn't sit. After about 30 minutes I had Michelle run and start Nick's car as we packed my cooler (for placenta) and my shoes into the car to leave for the hospital.

I was thankful to have already typed up Calvin's plan of action so that my mom knew exactly what he needed and where to go so she could follow us to the hospital after he was safe and taken care of. The car ride to Palomar Hospital was only 5 minutes and Nick helped me in the back while Michelle swiftly got us there. Each contraction in the car I literally thought his head would pop out because the contractions were on top of each other at this point and I was in tears screaming and moaning. 

Once we parked Michelle ran in to get me a wheelchair while I continued to labor in the car. When we arrived on the birthing floor the check-in nurse said they could not find me on record despite me sending in my paperwork and having birthed Calvin at the same place. As I was having intense contractions in my wheelchair in front of her she quickly phoned a nurse and within a minute or two I was in a room being checked. The nurse had the head nurse come in and she said I was at a 8-9 and that my cervix was extremely thin but that my water had not broken yet (which I obviously already knew). 

The RN said that 13 babies were already born that morning.  At the same moment I heard a woman in the next room screaming her head off which put me in a panic being that I was a lot farther along than I had thought. After a long silence we heard a baby cry, thank God.  It was about 10am at this point and my contractions were beyond unbearable, mostly the pressure.

I had tested positive for strep b so they asked me if I wanted to do the two doses of antibiotics or if I wanted to stay in the hospital an extra day so they could monitor Max to make sure he didn't get it. I opted for the antibiotics and also for an epidural. We figured this would allow me to rest before pushing and slow labor down so that the medicine could have time to take effect.

The epidural was a breeze, I didn't flinch and kept telling my mom and sisters I was shocked how fast this was all going. The room smelt like Thanksgiving from the nurses who were having their own little feast in a few hours. 

After two hours had past the doctor came in and broke my water and said I was at a 10 ready to push. We did a few practice pushes and then it was show time. 

My mom was supposed to be on one side holding my leg and Nick on the other but she was having some heart palpitations and feeling dizzy (she has had two strokes and a heart attack before). I could tell she wasn't okay but at that point I couldn't do much and just prayed she was healthy. Michelle and Nick helped me to resist their pressure so I could push (with Calvin they turned off my epidural so I could feel the urge to push but this time it was left on so I needed aid in knowing the right amount of effort to put in to get his head out). 

I remember seeing my sister Bianca's face and telling her to keep her expressions to herself because it was scaring me. Three more pushes and my doctor asked me if I wanted to "pull him out", my initial thought was "that's your job, I dont want to drop him", but a second later and there I was picking him up under his armpits and pulling him onto my chest. Most euphoric time of my life!!!!!!!! Calvin's birth was so different and I don't even remember more of the events of his birth so holding Max and being present for it meant the world to me. From start to finish my labor and delivery was about 8 hours long. It was worth it, ten times fold.

We did skin to skin for almost an hour. My first reaction was "he is bald" ,especially compared to Calvin. He had the softest cry and was absolutely perfect. I  had only tore a small amount and don't even remember delivering my placenta or being stitched up. 

The nurses cleaned him up, weighed him, and after getting some love from Nick and my family he started nursing like a champ. It amazed me how new it felt to be nursing again and holding a newborn and at the same time how natural it felt. 

I am so thankful that God gave us another beautiful healthy boy. Pregnancy and birth has only strengthen my faith in how great of a creator we have. So many things had to be perfectly orchestrated in order for Max to enter the world and I will not take it for granted. Max has been a perfect addition to our family and him and Calvin are best of buds already, just as we had prayed for.

last pregnant picture taken on our 4 year wedding anniversary

last pregnant picture taken on our 4 year wedding anniversary

Three hours old and sweet as can be.

Three hours old and sweet as can be.

Excuse my hair but this is what many of our mornings looked like

Excuse my hair but this is what many of our mornings looked like