going to get the mail.

Getting the mail was and still is one of my favorite things to do during the day. Strange, I know...but when Calvin was a newborn I was still transitioning from being a full-time employee to being a full-time stay at home mom. I felt disconnected with the world outside of my home. It felt as though time and space were moving while I was at a stand still. Calvin would cry 24/7 with colic, had acid reflux, chronic asthma, and was not the world’s longest napper. Whenever I’d hit my breaking point, my mom suggested to me to put Calvin down somewhere safe and to go outside alone. This is where getting the mail comes into the picture. Our mailman came by everyday at 4:30 PM (maybe he is super OCD like me). I looked forward to the mail being delivered because in that short three-minute walk to the mailbox and back, I was free. Free to breathe in the air, look around, and feel like a human again. I loved looking at the junk mail and would get excited when a letter was addressed to me from a friend or family member. 

Maybe getting the mail doesn't seem that exciting to you, but if you have ever felt stuck in a house all day with a baby who continually makes a mess and needs your attention—try to find something to look forward to. Roll the windows down and take a short car ride to fill up the gas tank. Go take a walk alone outside. Go do something intense like Crossfit, if you’re into intense fitness. Or find a pen pal to exchange letters and packages with.

Tomorrow I will still look forward to getting the mail. When the boys are down for their naps, it is my three minutes of alone time. It feels good to have those three minutes. Whatever your three minutes looks like, having a practical outlet is helpful and can be all the difference toward recovery. 

What do you do to help you regroup and get a few minutes alone?