new family pictures.

I love family pictures. I love getting Christmas cards. I love canvas photos. I love the art of life captured on film.

I always look forward to taking pictures with my family. We have a small hallway with a progression of pictures from the last 5 years (wedding, anniversary, Calvin newborn, Calvin one year, Max newborn, and now Max 1 year, almost). Since I am a stay-at-home mom I get to look at these pictures all day long and they truly brighten my day. They also make great gifts for family and grandparents. 

I planned our outfits a little over a month ago and of course picked out adorable fall clothing for us all.  I obviously forgot how hot it was this time last year when I was over 35 weeks pregnant with Max. Anyways, after realizing it was going still be in the high 90's at the beach our photographer and myself agreed that it was probably best to not have the boys in long-sleeves. So after a few minutes and with some help from my mom and sisters we came up with a new outfit choice.  I ended up liking it more than the original plan. The pictures have a So-Cal feel to them, which is a change compared to our family photos in the past which always were more autumn-like. I did decide to change my hair color on the same day while at the hair salon and of course that only increased the difference of appearance between Max and I. Trust me, he is mine. 

Here is a little peak into some of the pictures our great photographer Jessie took. I am saving some of them for possible Christmas card picks so that they can be some what of a surprise. If you like Christmas cards as much as I do please be sure to get my mailing address and some one my way, I love to save them and look at how much everyone has changed over the year. 

Davis Family-38.jpg