friday close-ups with: Ysabel Sanchez

This weeks Friday Close-up is with my friend Ysabel Sanchez. This gorgeous momma is a pastor's wife and is very involved in her community and church. Her husband has been a very good friend to Nick and we are so very thankful for them.

1. How many kids do you have and what are their ages?

We have three. Adaiah our son is 4, Talitha our daughter will be 2 this month and I am currently 16 weeks pregnant with our third. 

2. What is your favorite thing about your kids current ages?

At four it seems like my son has calmed down a ton! We have been getting to have more conversations with him instead of just seeing a blur as he runs circles around us. He also has been saying the sweetest things to us.  He will randomly walk up to his sister, hug her,  and say things like, "you're my best friend," or "you're so beautiful, sister."  With my daughter I'm starting to see her "tender twos" come out. She is super independent and has to do things on her own but will come and sit by me on the couch and scoot over until she's sitting right on the side of my arm then look up and smile. I guess its the mixture between her wanting to be independent but still needing to to be close to me.

3. How do you make time for you and your husband?

We do a bi-weekly date night swap with another couple from our church but mostly we hang out when the kids go to bed. We like watching shows together and eating too much candy.   

4. What is your families favorite activity to do together?

We like to go to the park together. I love it when my husband can come to the park with us! Going to the beach is great, although we were only able to go once last summer. We're hoping to go more frequently this time around. We enjoy getting out of the house and exploring San Diego. 

5. Do you have people who live near you to help you when things get tough in parenting?

I do. We go to my moms once a week and my mother in law comes (drives 2 hours each way) once a week. I always tell them that they are the cavalry that rides in every Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm super thankful for them! We also get out with different moms in the church, which is really nice. Sometimes it's helpful to get together and share struggles.

6. What is the best piece of advice someone has given you or that you would give another mom?

Honestly it would be not to listen to all the advice people are giving you. Just do what works for you, your husband and baby. I got so caught up in wanting to do it "right" that I didn't listen to my intuition with my first. It made things harder. It wasn't until I scratched everything people had told/were telling me and just did what worked for us that things got better. Be confident in what works for your family. God has made you the the mother of your sweet babe and He will give you the wisdom you need to parent them. 

7. What is your go -to meal to make for your family?

I have really sick pregnancies so right now we are totally in survival mode. We do a lot of rolled tacos and I cant believe I'm admitting this but chicken nuggets (this is me being confident in what works for our family)! When I'm not sick I like to cooklettuce tacos, chicken tikka, and gill carne asadawith all the fixings. 

8. What is something you do for yourself (hobby,reading, etc.)

I get asked this question kind of often and it always makes me feel a little insecure answering it. I feel like I'm still trying to figure that out. When we had our first it rocked me hard and then we had a second and now our third. It's honestly hard to find just "me" time but little things help! It may sound silly but just painting my nails or putting my eyebrows on makes me feel like I've done something for me. I used to read but now when I pick up a book it makes me want to sleep! I suspect this is only a season, and I try not to get too down on the lack of me time.