friday close-ups with: Gabba Rossi

This weeks Friday Close-up is with Gabba Rossi. She was a fellow seminary wife with me and a good friend.  If you would like to be featured for a Friday Close-Up then please email me at 

Gabba Rossi

1. How many kids do you have and what are their ages?

2 kids, one on the way.
Julian will be 5 in May.
Genevieve is 2 1/2.
Baby 3 is due in September.

2. What has been the hardest part of being a mom?

Not getting enough sleep and not being as creative/hands on as I imagined I would be.

3. What is the best part of being a mom? All the snuggles, hugs, and kisses that I don't even have to ask for. Their relentless love.

4. What is the best advice you have been given?
"Let them be little"
"Follow your instincts"
"Don't be so hard on yourself"

5. What is something that you do for you? (hobby or craft or read, etc.)
Go grocery shopping/do errands once a week without the kids and splurge on a Starbucks while doing it!

6. How has kids affected your marriage?
We got pregnant 3 months into our marriage so I hardly know anything different! I don't even know what a kidless/pregnantless marriage is like.

7. What are your favorite baby products?
Diaper bags (I'm obsessed with them!), baby slings/baby wraps/baby carriers.

8. What has been the best resource for you since being a mom?
Online mom groups,, Dr. Sears websites and books, La Leche League website, close friends!!

9. What is your go-to snack?
Popcorn, peanut butter spoon.

10. What is something you have learned about yourself since being a mom?
I don't do well without sleep. I get stressed way easier than I thought I would. I have a temper!

friday close-ups with: Jennie Rippey

How many kids do you have or your expected due date?

3 kids (ages 4.5, 3.5 and 16 months) 

How many weeks were you when you delivered your kids?

 37.5 with #1, 41 weeks with #2 and #3

What were some of your pregnancy food cravings?

Different things in each pregnancy, but in all of them I loved salads and vegetables

What was your favorite baby item?

 Ring sling! 

What was the best advice you were ever given?

 Give up the idea of perfection and just be okay with how things are. 

What is the worst advice you have been given?

 Don't try to control their nap schedule so much.

What was the biggest surprise in becoming a mom? 

I didn't realize how much input people around you feel inclined to give.  Being a huge people pleaser, it's a big challenge to let people's words go and just do what I've decided is best.  

What is the hardest part of being a mom?

It's really hard to have to make hard choices and not really know if you are totally messing it up or not. 

What is your go to snack?

honey vanilla greek yogurt with strawberries and chocolate chips on top

What are some of your favorite resources?

 Dr. Sears, LR Knost, and Elizabeth Pantley

What is your hardest and favorite age/stage?

The hardest phase to me is 14-18 months, when they aren't quite a big kid yet but they aren't quite a baby ... they need boundaries and discipline but also they're babies so they don't quite get it yet. It's exhausting.  Maybe I'm just thinking that because my youngest is in that age now!  My favorite age is either between newborn or my oldest who is just about 5... he's so funny, he's gets my jokes, he is super helpful and I can actually send him to do something and know he will do it! 

friday close-ups with: Ysabel Sanchez

This weeks Friday Close-up is with my friend Ysabel Sanchez. This gorgeous momma is a pastor's wife and is very involved in her community and church. Her husband has been a very good friend to Nick and we are so very thankful for them.

1. How many kids do you have and what are their ages?

We have three. Adaiah our son is 4, Talitha our daughter will be 2 this month and I am currently 16 weeks pregnant with our third. 

2. What is your favorite thing about your kids current ages?

At four it seems like my son has calmed down a ton! We have been getting to have more conversations with him instead of just seeing a blur as he runs circles around us. He also has been saying the sweetest things to us.  He will randomly walk up to his sister, hug her,  and say things like, "you're my best friend," or "you're so beautiful, sister."  With my daughter I'm starting to see her "tender twos" come out. She is super independent and has to do things on her own but will come and sit by me on the couch and scoot over until she's sitting right on the side of my arm then look up and smile. I guess its the mixture between her wanting to be independent but still needing to to be close to me.

3. How do you make time for you and your husband?

We do a bi-weekly date night swap with another couple from our church but mostly we hang out when the kids go to bed. We like watching shows together and eating too much candy.   

4. What is your families favorite activity to do together?

We like to go to the park together. I love it when my husband can come to the park with us! Going to the beach is great, although we were only able to go once last summer. We're hoping to go more frequently this time around. We enjoy getting out of the house and exploring San Diego. 

5. Do you have people who live near you to help you when things get tough in parenting?

I do. We go to my moms once a week and my mother in law comes (drives 2 hours each way) once a week. I always tell them that they are the cavalry that rides in every Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm super thankful for them! We also get out with different moms in the church, which is really nice. Sometimes it's helpful to get together and share struggles.

6. What is the best piece of advice someone has given you or that you would give another mom?

Honestly it would be not to listen to all the advice people are giving you. Just do what works for you, your husband and baby. I got so caught up in wanting to do it "right" that I didn't listen to my intuition with my first. It made things harder. It wasn't until I scratched everything people had told/were telling me and just did what worked for us that things got better. Be confident in what works for your family. God has made you the the mother of your sweet babe and He will give you the wisdom you need to parent them. 

7. What is your go -to meal to make for your family?

I have really sick pregnancies so right now we are totally in survival mode. We do a lot of rolled tacos and I cant believe I'm admitting this but chicken nuggets (this is me being confident in what works for our family)! When I'm not sick I like to cooklettuce tacos, chicken tikka, and gill carne asadawith all the fixings. 

8. What is something you do for yourself (hobby,reading, etc.)

I get asked this question kind of often and it always makes me feel a little insecure answering it. I feel like I'm still trying to figure that out. When we had our first it rocked me hard and then we had a second and now our third. It's honestly hard to find just "me" time but little things help! It may sound silly but just painting my nails or putting my eyebrows on makes me feel like I've done something for me. I used to read but now when I pick up a book it makes me want to sleep! I suspect this is only a season, and I try not to get too down on the lack of me time. 

friday close-ups with: Angelique Barron

1. How many kids do you have?

3 boys Brayden 6 Levi 3 & Jaxson 13 months

2. How did you decide on their names?

My sister and I had baby boys around the same time, Jaeden was born 10 months before and I knew they were going to be bestfriends so I went with a name that rhymes (I know dorky right) but they love that they are a duo "Jae and Bray" . Levi my second I wanted a Christian name Levi Means "attached" in Hebrew. In the Old Testament, Levi is the third son of Jacob and Leah, and the ancestor of one of the twelve tribes of the Israelites (the tribe that eventually became the priests of the Israelites). In the New Testament this is another name for the apostle Matthew. As an English Christian name, Levi came into use after the Protestant Reformation. Right before I got pregnant with my 3rd Sons Of Anarchy was the big hit show everyone watched who wouldn't love a handsome bad boy and Jaxson "Jax" was a keeper for sure ! 

3. How and when do you do your errands with 3 kids?

I am currently a SAHM so I am pretty free for morning and afternoons when I have to do errands without dad I always make sure I have lots of snacks iPads and little toys to keep them distracted so I don't have extra little hands throwing things into my cart . I also go around my youngest morning nap so he just naps in the cart or in my ergo that makes errands and shopping so much easier . 

4. What is your favorite age group or stage?

My favorite age is probably 18 months - 2years they're not so much toddlers who get into everything but more social able they are like little parrots who say everything you say and can interact with others and aren't so dependent on mom . 

5. What is your go-to meal for dinner?

My boys love to eat ! I'm sure they'll eat me out of a house and home when they're older . My go to meal would have to be vegetable lasagna takes a while to make but it's a meal that I know they love and will actually eat it ! Plus I load it with veggies and they're so distracted with noodles sauce and cheese they pay them no mind and gobble them right up ! 

6. What advice would you give a new mom?

Follow your mommy heart ! Others will try to give you advice on what to do and what not to do but only YOU know what's best for your baby ! 

7. What do you do to take time for yourself?

BUBBLEBATHS ! After long and exhausting days there's nothing better than soaking in a hot bubble bath . 

8. What has motherhood taught you about yourself?

It has taught me the true meaning of love, what its like to be responsible for another life and it has made me want to be a better person and make the world a better place for my children 

friday close-ups with: Megan Parker

How many kids do you have and what are their ages?

Two girls: Sawyer, 3.5 and Waverly, 2 next month!

How would you describe your pregnancy experience?

Difficult with a few precious moments. I was very nauseous with both my girls and I just didn't have much of an appetite. I did enjoy feeling their little kicks and seeing them move on the ultrasounds.

How many hours were you in labor?

With Sawyer, 6 hours and with Waverly 30 minutes. (I think I slept through most of the active labor with her though, I woke up to my water breaking!)

How did you decide on your child's name?

With Sawyer, I prayed for God to give me a name and that was the one He showed me through a picture in my mind. I was so nauseous and I remember thinking about how I could ever do this again since I would have to take care of a child the next time. Then I saw a picture of myself saying to a little blond child, “Sawyer, Mommy needs your help.” I thought that was weird because we hadn’t even considered that a possibility before, it felt like the answer to my prayer. With Waverly, my husband and I prayed about it and he ended up picking her name from the band that sings “our song” which is “Summer Song” by the band Wavorly. Both the girls middle names are after important people in my life, a friend from high school and my mom.

What has been your favorite age/stage and why?

Oh I loved 18 months with both my girls. I loved seeing them engage and interact with the world more. They were like little sponges soaking up everything, saying cute little words. They were still sweet and its was before the tantrums really came in full force. It’s just a precious time.

Do you keep your children on a routine and schedule or like to go with the flow?

With Sawyer, I felt like I was very strict about a schedule but after having Waverly, I have relaxed more. We still have a set nap time and bed time but I don’t freak out if it happens a little later like I used to.

What are your favorite resources for parenting?

Being involved in a mom’s group at my church has helped me learn about being a mom immensely. If I ever have questions, I can always ask one of the moms in the group. When I was a new mom, I loved the Your Baby’s First Year Week by Week because I was clueless about babies! It really helped me know what to expect and had different examples of things I could do with my baby to help with her development. I also love listening to the Inspired to Action and Mom Struggling Well podcasts to feel encouraged as a mother.

Do you homeschool or are your kids in public or private school?

My kids aren’t in school yet, but we will do public school. We moved into our neighborhood to intentionally be apart of the community there and we feel having our kids go to the local school is part of that.

What do you do to take some time for yourself?

I like to sew, read all kinds of books, and take naps when I can.

What advice would you give to a new mom?

I would say choose who you will listen to and forget the rest. Everyone will have an opinion on your baby and on how you choose to raise them, some people will agree with you and some won’t. Some people will be rude about it, don’t take it to heart. Choose whose opinion matters and let the rest roll off your back.

friday close-ups with: Jane Gray Bledsoe

This week for Friday Close-ups one of my very best friends, Jane Gray shares with us a little bit about her motherhood journey. Jane Gray is one of those moms who I can call or text at anytime and know I will be getting great encouragement and advice from.

How many kids do you have and how old are they?

Hello :) My name is Jane Gray and I am the blessed mama of two little boys. James is 3 1/2 and David is 5 months. They absolutely steal my heart on a daily basis and time needs to freeze. I am loving these ages!

What was the hardest thing about becoming a new mom?

The hardest part of becoming a new mom was getting to know my little one. They have an advantage because they have gotten to hear your voice for 9 months and so instantly they are comforted in your arms. What a glorious birthday it is! You meet at last! I learned that it took time to get to know James and slowly (snail pace slow) I figured him out. Once I figured him out, things got much much easier. It turns out that he is the carbon copy of my husband!  I learned what he liked, how he liked to be swaddled, his favorite sleep position, etc etc etc. So, if you are a new mom, with patience, you will get to know your baby. Give yourself much grace as you learn to take care of this little stranger that will forever steal your heart! 

What helped you the most to get through the newborn stage with your babies?

Encouragement from my mom, mother-in-law,  and the other friend moms around me (shout out to Gina & Sarah N.!!)  I listened closely to their advice and listened to the motherly instinct within me to care for my newborn. I'll never forget how calm my mom was with James. She taught me how to be a mother by just watching her take care of him when I was feeling scared or inadequate to do so. She always gave me encouragement and helped to build my confidence by just being there with me the first 2 weeks. She gifted me with her time and took care of all of the housework so that I could just focus on feeding my newborn and sleeping. And I am SO blessed to be very close to my mother-in-law as well. She also gifted me her time and took such good care of me and my babies when they were born. I'll never forget one night she drove to CVS @ 3 am to get something we needed for James.   Just having friends in the same boat helps a ton. This blog is so wonderful for this very reason! Coffee and espresso didn't hurt either! lol 

Do you co-sleep or does your baby sleep in their own crib and why?

Both my boys sleep in their own beds. It was important to us at an early age that they develop good sleeping habits and this just worked best for us. They know their routines so it makes bedtime easy for us. We eat dinner, take baths, read books, sing sings, and get in bed. They both love their beds and have early bedtimes (7 pm)  so that my husband and I can enjoy a peaceful night of watching TV, reading a book, drinking a glass of wine, and catching up on our day.

What is something you would go back and tell yourself as a new mom?

GRACE GRACE GRACE. It's OKAY to cry. It is GOOD for the soul to laugh. It is OKAY to get frustrated. It is OKAY to not know what you are doing.. and then laugh about that. It's also okay to completely lose it and cry at the drop of the hat just because of hormones. Throw the books away (!!!) and just listen to the motherly instincts that God gave you. My BFF Bella gave me that advice. I took it to heart and instantly became more relaxed because I was no longer trying to fit my son into a puzzle piece that wasn't working. Get to know your baby with lots of snuggles, cuddles, and kisses. Rock them. Rock them to sleep. Wear them around. Rock them some more. And take in their new baby smell and praise the Lord for them! YOU were called to be this little one's mommy and you are the only mommy that knows what he or she needs. It is so wonderful to have advice from moms that have gone before us, but sometimes that advice can get overwhelming. Listen to your mommy heart and do what you think is best for your baby even if it goes against all the rules…you'll never get the teeny tiny newborn weeks back! They go so fast so enjoy them :) 

How has having kids changed your marriage for the good or bad?

Having kids has changed our marriage for the good. Daily, we cannot believe that God gifted us these precious children that we get to love and nurture. We strive to "date" each other often and put the kids to bed early so we can enjoy the night together. We love to talk about their quirks they get from us and how we may do our VERY BEST as parents, but somehow and in some way, we will mess up… and that's okay because who wants to be perfect parents anyway!??? Our marriage is stronger having had kids. Children take sanctification to a whole new level!

What resource has helped you the most in your journey of motherhood?

Kara Tippetts. She wrote a blog titled Mundane Faithfulness and she wrote a book called The Hardest Peace. Both of these resources absolutely rocked my world as a mother. Her insight and biblical wisdom has been so foundational as a mom. If you have not read her blog or book, I highly recommend you obtain a copy asap. She helped me to understand that my role as a mom, as mundane as it can be at times, is so significant to Jesus. He is crazy about the mundane details of being a mom. When we are wiping dirty faces, cleaning spilled milk, sweeping crumbs, or singing songs, our work is so important to the King! We are showing our little people the love of Christ and this absolutely changed the way I lived as a mom. She also helped me to pray for patience, kindness, and love towards my little ones. I am forever thankful that the Lord brought her in my life when he did. I still read through her book over and over and over again. 

What is your go-to meal to make?

Tacos! My favorite brand is Tortilla Land and they are uncooked.  I keep tortillas in the freezer (best brand here  and seasonings on hand for taco night. It's so easy to sauté some veggies to go with it for a quick and easy meal.

How do you juggle kids and getting errands and chores completed?

I have to follow a routine for the week or I will get overwhelmed. I try to put a load of laundry in at night and fold in the morning to keep up. I've got a cleaning schedule I *try* to stick to and this helped tremendously. I'm not sure that I will ever fully complete all my chores while I have little ones around, but i know the dishes and the laundry will be around FOREVER so if i am behind, i give myself grace. This is so hard for me because I am OCD when it comes to keeping a tidy home. I THRIVE on order and organization. My mood often reflects the tidiness of my home. I'm still trying to figure this one out. And i don't have it together. Not sure if i ever will. But today, i'll give myself grace that the dishes are over flowing and the laundry hasn't been put away. 

friday close-ups with: Kristin Brancaleone

This week for Friday close-up my friend Kristin Brancaleone will be sharing with us some insights from her journey through motherhood. 

How many kids do you have and how old are they? Siena (5) and Matteo (1)

What was the hardest thing about becoming a new mom? I'm a highly sensitive person (HSP) so all the brand new sensations- the cries, the smells, the vomit, the mini emergencies, the sleepless nights- hit me really hard.  I think I was very overstimulated and stressed out the entire first year of my daughter's life because each day I was bombarded by so much "newness."    

What helped you the most to get through the newborn stage with your babies? Being able to vent my sometimes ugly feelings- to my husband, through blogging, to my friends, and my therapist, and to receive validation from them instead of criticism.  

Do you co-sleep or does your baby sleep in their own crib and why? No.  We intended to cosleep, but my kids are really loud, grunty sleepers.  We couldn't handle it.  With our second child, he was in his own room falling asleep on his own from Day 5.  It's been wonderful!

What is something you would go back and tell yourself as a new mom?  Do less, enjoy more.  

How has having kids changed your marriage for the good or bad? Definitely for the good- we've tried to cultivate a really simple, calm,  loving household for our kids.  Can't help but bleed into the marriage relationship, right? 

What do you do for yourself? Listen to podcasts (The Lively Show and Sorta Awesome Podcast are my favorites) while folding laundry and cooking.  I sell masquerade masks on etsy to make a little travel money on the side.  I surf every other Thursday before the kids wake up.  

What resource has helped you the most in your journey of motherhood?  By far, the blog has helped me figure out my parenting philosophy and given me so much piece of mind.  

What is your go-to meal to make? We're paleo, so everyday is some kind of meat/fish, sweet potato drenched in butter, and roasted veggies.  

How do you juggle kids and getting errands and chores completed? Maid service every 3 weeks so I just have to tidy up and maintain the house.  Not buying a lot of stuff (we're minimalists in many ways.). And keeping errands short and sweet, and then ending with a fun outting like the library so errands are fun for all of us.  

friday close-ups with: Shayleen Kurtz

This weeks Friday Close-up is with one of my very good friends from Northern California: Shay Kurtz. 


1. Was your first pregnancy planned? Our oldest daughter was a honeymoon baby, and no that was not a part of the 3-5 year plan...

We were 19 and 21 when we got married and we thought we would wait awhile and "just be married". Two weeks later, and two little pink lines later...we are headed for parenthood faster than we could comprehend it.  But I'm sure glad that we aren't always in control of making all the plans in this life, because I could not imagine life without our little girl! That pregnancy and our sweet daughter has taught us so much, I would not be the same without her. 

2. What was your reaction when you found out? Being a young newly-wed, I was completely shocked, scared, nervous, hopeful, excited... pretty much any and every emotion you could imagine! 

3. Who did you tell first? My husband was out of the house for a bit and I had felt funny that day, smells were stronger than normal and I felt dizzy and tired. So I ran to the store for a test, came home..freaked out...and ran over to my Aunt's house! I asked her what this meant, like I didnt already know. And she helped me process all that was going on. Of course she was so excited for me, because the day after my wedding she found out she was expecting #4! 

4. Did you have morning sickness? I thought I was experiencing what they all call "morning sickness". I thought, this must be how all the other moms feel, why can't I function and be stronger like them? From 2 weeks after conception, the dizziness, increased sensitivity to smells, and slight food adversion began. From there at week 4, I began to get very sick. I almost had to be hospitalized because I was so dehydrated. I was violently vomitting  for days on end. With strong medication, I could get by with maybe only throwing up 8 times a day. This lasted for months, until I was about 24 weeks pregnant. I didn't understand it, I wanted it to end, and as I waited for each milestone to pass, I got more and more discouraged that I was not getting better. Now I realized that I was dealing with something far more than simple morning sickness, many women suffer from it and they don't know. People tell them to suck it up, go to work, eat some crakers and they will feel better. But what those well-meaning people don't understand is that this is a different kind of sickness, one not talked about much, and highly misunderstood. But little by little as women share their stories, it is bringing light to a place where many have felt in the dark. Hypermesis Gravarium is a serious illness that thousands suffer from. And saying that you have experienced it doesn't give you a crutch to hold to, but freedom in knowing you weren't alone in those dark, lonely places. It brings hope to know that this isn't "normal", and we together can work towards finding a cure, ways to make it better, and support moms who have had to walk through it. It was the hardest thing I've ever gone through, but then again, aren't those the things in life that define you? 

5. What did you crave during your pregnancy? Considering my extreme sickness, I just craved to eat food again! But oddly enough the only thing that would help settle my tummy and sounded good, was oranges. So I ate multiple oranges every day!

6. Did you find out the sex of your baby? Yes! I am terrible at surprises! My sister had a dream the week after our wedding of a little girl dancing, and that was before we knew I was even pregnant.  She told me about the dream as soon as we announced that we were expecting. So my curiosity drove me crazy from then on. I felt it was easier to connect with the baby when I knew what the gender was. And it helped with all the difficulty I had experienced to bring some joy and excitment to those challenging times.  A name was important to us and so we wanted to begin calling our baby by their name and praying over their life. We named our little girl Naomi, which means: my joy, my pleasant one. 

7. How far along were you when you delivered? Our sweet girl came on her due date! From day one she didn't want to miss a thing so she came on time and ready to experience life!

8. Did you deliver vaginal or c-section? I had a wonderful, uncomplicated vaginal birth. I was so blessed with the whole experience. Considering the hardship of pregnancy, birthing was a breeze! I was ecstatic to meet our daugther! I was filled with so much joy and love, becoming a mom was a life long dream and it was incredible to finally experience it!

9. What was the hardest part about becoming a mom? Honestly for me, finding the right balance in my life can be challenging. So, being a young newly-wed and a young mom was hard to adjust to. Being so many different roles is hard, and making your priorities evolve and stay in the right order is a constant job! I couldn't do it without the Lord as my rock. He reminds me of what should come first, and He demostrates it through love. I am so thankful for God and the supportive people I have intentionally surrounded myself with. They keep me with my eyes pointed in the right direction, my feet planted on the rock, and my heart open and full of love and forgiveness. We all need it.

10. What was the best part about becoming a mom? There's nothing quite like a dream fulfilled. So many parts of you experience it. The longing you have had is gone, and it is replaced with extreme fulfillment, joy and gratefulness.  I could just sit for hours with our newborn baby girl and dream for her life and all the joy and greatness she would experience. It brings brings Hope, Faith and Love; and those are the greatest gifts. 

11. Best piece of advice to give a new mom? From the beginning, enjoy every moment. You will have challenges, failures, victories and some of the best memories you could ever imagine. Stay true to who you are, don't loose yourself in all the nurturing and care-taking that you do. Remember that your children need you to be a whole and healthy person to give the most you can to them. So stay happy and hopeful, no matter what your day just looked like. God's mercy is new everyday, you can count on it. 

12. A baby item you could not live without would be? Oh Dear! This is the hardest question yet... As easy as it is to get to wrapped up in all the baby gear and convenient gadgets and things, I would say: STAY SIMPLE! With Pinterest and hundreds of baby blogs telling you all the things you need to make motherhood easier, and though some of that it true...don't be overwhelmed by stuff! Obviously by the second child, you use way less than with the first, thats just the way it goes.  So by baby two, I couldn't live without my Bobby newborn napper pillow in the play pen, and my Maya Wrap. And of course since she was a binkie baby, the Wubbanub Pacifier was a life saver!

Thank you all for letting me share my story! I hope it blessed you, and I look forward to hearing more of your stories! And thank you Gina for providing this amazing community of moms where we can share, learn and grow together! I adore you! xoxo

friday close-ups with: Cristal Porter

I am going to be starting a fun series on the blog here on Fridays where I ask moms some questions about their motherhood journey. Each week might have new questions or the same as the week before but I will interview a new mom each time. If you are interested in being featured or have some questions you would like answered be sure to email me at:

Our first Friday close-up mom is my friend Cristal Porter:

1. How many kids do you have?  1 child 

2. How many weeks were you when you delivered? 39 weeks when I delivered. About 4 days from due date.

3. Did you have a vaginal birth or c-section? C-section

4. What was your pregnancy food craving? Was obsessed with Mexican food. Beans and rice. 

5. What baby items you could not live without? Can’t live without long sleeve onesies. Put them under her clothes every day for an extra layer of warmth and sun protection. Also socks because they constantly disappear. I should seriously just have a new pair for each day. 

6. Best advice ever given was this, “The baby will be fine. What matters most is that you’re OK.” Really validated how hard it is to be a mom and also how it’s ok to work at taking care of yourself. Such a discipline.  

7. What was the biggest surprise of being a mom? Biggest surprise of being a mom was how difficult it is. No matter how much I was warned. It’s like a slow death of self! And also how much I would enjoy it. On the days where I don’t listen to the temptation to be bitter or covet my old life, I truly enjoy the moments with her. Working on this!

8. What was/is the hardest part of being a mom? The newborn phase. It was SO hard. Perhaps because you never know what on earth is making them cry and because Olivia was particularly big on communicating when something was wrong. Whether it was in the car, protesting of naps, during a tummy ache, when she was cold, etc. Man…that newborn cry was tough! 

9. What is your go to snack?  Right now I’m all about bananas in the AM. If I’m really hungry I’ll eat a piece of leftover protein and a portion of a baked sweet potato. Typically in the late afternoon. 

10. What are your favorite mommy resources? My favorite resources are: Wellness Mama, Weston A Price, Dr. Sears and a few other moms with similar parenting styles. 

11. What is/was your favorite stage? My favorite stage is the one we are in so far. She is 9 months and honestly the most incredible little human. I’m enamored by her personality and I'm enjoying watching her mature. Gah just love her so!