Dry Spells.

For quite a few months I have not written or shared much on motherhood and as a result there has been a dry spell here on the blog. The problem is that I have not had much to say. I am at a point in motherhood where I am trying to figure a lot out. Whenever I think " I got it" in regards to child-rearing my kids throw me a curve-ball and change in some way. I suppose it will be like this for a while since my kids are always changing and are each growing in their own individual ways.

Many days I am at a loss as to what to do and how to best raise my boys. Despite all the books, blogs, and advice I receive I still I feel like I am a referee, chef, house cleaner, doctor, coach, teacher, disciplinarian, and babysitter all at one time. Each boy has their own needs and whether it be a meal, a sickness, or a change in clothing size my days are starting to blur together. The OCD/ schedule-lover likes the monotonous life I live where I can to some degree expect what each day will look like. I am a control freak (and will be the first to admit that) at times and being able to decide what we do each day keeps my nerves at ease. At the same time, I sometimes stare outside or look on Instagram and long to have some spontaneity in my life. I wonder what it would be like to throw our normal routine out the window and just drive somewhere because we can. The struggle is real and as much as I try not to fantasize what my life could be life it is so easy to wonder what it could be like if I was more of a free spirit. I  am content with life right now (and have much to be thankful for) but at the same time I am up for a change in our day to day routine.

There is a quote from the show The Crown (a series on Netflix) where Queen Elizabeth II states " That's the thing about unhappiness. All it takes is for something worse to come along and you realize it  was happiness afterall. " After dealing with PPD for the second time I now know what it is to be happy. I have had days that were very low and now I can embrace and love the days that are no longer filled with the worries, fear, and anxiety that can come with postpartum depression. 2017 was full of change. Change and me don't mesh well. But I can see how God has used all of the change in our lives this past year to cause me to trust more in Him and to see more clearly how my ways are not my own. 

If you would like to share a little bit about your journey through motherhood, a birth story, reflection, book review, and/or want a space to share what is going on in your life please contact me @ ginazdavis@gmail.com and submit a post. This space has been very instrumental for my own life and I hope it can be a place for you to have a voice too. Thank you so much for listening to my ramblings and for sticking around. 

***If you did not know already, there is a private mom Facebook group for the blog called Baby Blue Mom Group. This group of moms are some of the most encouraging, kind, and loving women I know. If you would like to join please find us.

December was filled with sickness at our house. 

December was filled with sickness at our house. 


personalizing our home with minted.

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One of the things I am quickly learning about being a home owner is that personalizing your home takes time. Nick and I have similar tastes when it comes to decorating but we do have to make compromises here and there. I have been focusing on our main living area first since that is where we spend most of our times with our family and friends. 

Although neither of us are San Diego natives, our kids are and we have also decided to plant roots here in this beautiful place we call home. We still had a lot of decorations from our previous home but after looking at what we had I could tell that we needed some new updated conversation pieces for our new place. A few months ago we purchased a new coffee table, couch, and pillows but other than that our living room has not received much love. My best friend is an interior decorator and she brought it to my attention that some artwork would really do well in the space. I really want to save for some long white linen curtains, new flooring (think a white washed hardwood), stain the fireplace, and new fixtures, especially the entryway chandalier. With Christmas and my birthday coming up I am hoping to find some good sales on items that will be timeless and update our 1983 home. 

When it came time to finally decide on some art work for our living room  I knew I wanted something that was 1. artistic 2. supported an artist and 3. represented who we are. I didn't just want anything thrown on our walls and like most of the decor in our home everything usually has meaning and a story behind it. Thankfully our friends at Minted had so many options that both Nick and I loved, it made deciding hard, but in a good way. 

I was so impressed with the variety of art work that Minted had and honestly before a few months ago I had never even thought of using Minted for decorating and art. I knew we wanted something neutral colored so that if we ever want to change up the living room a little bit we can still keep most of our wall pieces. Minted had 15 different frames to choose from and we went with the white washed chevron which perfectly complimented the foil pressed look of San Diego.  Our living room only has two windows so I wanted a piece of art that was bright and unique. This picture of San Diego is perfect for entry way because it is one of the first pieces our guests will see when they enter our doors. I love how it is a conversation piece and friends or family  who are not from San Diego may ask us what the Picture is and it gives us a perfect opportunity to talk about the places we love. 

Since I have 3 boys who keep me busy I only order things online now a days. My Minted order came in within days and the boys were equally excited as I to see our package on our door step. We need to make sure we leave some Gatorade and cookies out for our UPS guy because i rarely ever shop for anything and get most things delivered (plus it’s always cheaper buying online). Have you ever bought artwork online? What do you look for when buying decorative pieces for your home? I look forward to using Minted again as we continue to decorate our new space and give it our own personal touches. 


If you are in the market for some art from independent artists than check out the selection at Minted. I love how I can support an artist, decorate my home from couch, and have a unique piece from my home all at one time. The artist who made our beautiful San Diego foil pressed artwork also does other cities so be sure to find yours and share it with me. I am also taking open to any design tips you may have since I have lots left to do on our new home. After we finish the living room I would like to work next on the dining room and kitchen. Our home will be a never-ending project but I consider it all fun stuff to put on my to-do list. 

Guest Post by Kerrie DeBerry

Yesterday at church as my husband was doing announcements before preaching, I came up from the nursery to see my 3 year old at the pulpit by his leg. He handled it well and she came back to me in the pew, while I grinned as the entire church watched this all play out. Now, how would I have responded to my 3 year old at home WITHOUT 200 eyes looking at me? Is there a gap between how I respond to things in private vs. public? If someone was a fly on the wall of my home what would they observe? Of course we are all different to a degree in the comfort of our own homes. I wear things at home I am not going to parade around church in, I have inside jokes & teasing, playful things with my husband I will not share around others. We have family quirks just for us, not for the world to see. This is not what I mean. When evaluating this area of my life in a healthy way, I am referring more to my heart, my spirit, how I am relating to God. How do I speak to my kids when giving general directions or when correcting? How do I respond when the clothes I just spent 30 min folding are thrown around the floor? In our home, how do I speak about other people not present? How do I speak to my husband? How do I use my time, my energy? How do I use my phone? Is what I post indicative of reality or making myself look good, showing my good works before men? Or is it a healthy, truthful representation of my life, my kids, and authentic? And is my phone or something else making me far less present with my family or am I exercising wisdom with my time?

Our life in private and the thousands of decisions we make when no one is looking will eventually spill over. Charles Spurgeon said, "Sincerity makes the very least person to be of more value than a talented hypocrite." And when there is too big a gap between our private & public life do we run to fix it or try harder or fake it better? No, we cannot attempt to touch ourselves up and make ourselves something other than we really are. Instead, we need to first run to Christ, the one who takes us as we are but promises not to leave us as we are. He has sent his Spirit on a mission to change every part of us, in every context of our lives. So as we depend on the Holy Spirit's power instead of our own ability to patch up our morality we slowly but surely become authentically Christian in private and in public.

If we are united to Christ, the Holy Spirit is cleaning us from the inside out, making us more Christ-like. So when we are hypocrites, when we are harsh with our kids, when we do things that make us feel the weight of our sin, we run to him for forgiveness and grace. He's lived each day perfectly on our behalf-in private and public. And then by his Spirit's grace and power we strive to close that gap between public and private a little more each day, knowing he is with us as we do so.