we bought a house.

If you haven't noticed lately, I have not posted much these past few weeks because my family likes to do a lot major life events all at once. Nick and I just purchased our first home!!! This was a dream we never thought would be possible and a huge answer to prayer.  We feel extremely blessed to have a home of our own that we can create memories in. We love hospitality and this home has a huge backyard where our kids and friends can have a blast. 

So here is a run down of our craziness coming up:

pack... move...unpack...fly to Sacramento...host my sister Michelle's bridal shower...Calvin's 5th birthday...Michelle's bachelorette...Nick is in a wedding...my sister Bianca's bridal shower...Nick's 30th birthday...Max's 3rd birthday...our 7th year wedding anniversary...Michelle's wedding... Christmas...New Years'...... and then 2018 continues with the busyness.  

Our life is packed with a lot of amazing life events but hey go big or go home! I will try to post updates on our house as we slowly update things and make it our own. It was built in '84 and has some basic updates but I can't wait to put my own touches on the place. First thing to go is the popcorn ceilings!!! 

I will post much better quality pictures soon, these were just taken from one of our cards. 


Some pictures from our real estate card 


the huge backyard is what sold us.  


10 Mundane Things That Make My Husband the Best Dad!

When Nick and I began courting 8 years ago one thing that really drew me to him was how he was with his family and the future I saw with him as a dad one day. Nick has a great relationship with his sisters, mom, and his whole family and his kindness and love for them and for my own mom and sisters demonstrated to me the love he would show our future kids. 8 years and 3 kids later he has not let me down. So in honor of Father's Day, I wanted to share a few mundane things he does on a daily basis that I might sometimes overlook. All of these tasks have made our family and our kids grow for the better. Thanks be to God for giving me such a great and handsome ;) husband.

1. Nick and the boys always wrestle right when he walks through the door. The boys know that wrestling is for just boys (I don't want them tackling a girl) and Nick and the boys love getting some energy out doing something in the boys club.

2. Every day after dinner Nick bathes the boys and puts them to bed. Since I am a SAHM I often need a few minutes to myself to pick up the house and be in silence so bath and bedtime being his routine with the older boys have been such a help to me. It is also a way Nick gets to spend more time with the kids before bed (7:30 pm bedtime). 

3. He still pursues me and looks at me with love. Raising boys is a big responsibility and I love that Nick demonstrates how to love a woman by showing me such care. I hope our boys always remember how gentle he is with me and that through the good and bad him and I are always on the same team.

4. I love how Nick genuinely loves others. Being a pastor means that you have a heart for others. I am always amazed how quickly he is able to help a friend, a neighbor, and even strangers. I might not tell him enough but this is something that is so attractive to me and a rare trait nowadays.

5. I am so thankful for how Nick pays attention to the little things. Every morning he gets up with the two older boys until me and Leo wake. When I get to the kitchen he always has a cup of coffee waiting for me in my tumbler. It is not something he has to do but it shows me that he cares about the little things. (Thanks, babe!)

6. Nick prays with the boys. Yes, I know he is a pastor and that is something you expect a pastor to do, pray. But I am thankful for the times I see him kneeling beside the boy's bunk beds and leading them in the Lord's Prayer or praying for the sick.

7. Nick goes to work every day and juggles two jobs. This allows me to be a stay-at-home mom and I am thankful that he gets up every single day to support us and then comes home to spend time with his family.

8. Parenting is a lot of work and is such a learning process. I am thankful that Nick and I are able to co-parent well and how he always asks me if we are both disciplining and training the boys the same way. Being on the same page is not only good for us but also for our kids who look up to us for guidance. and assurance. 

9. Nick brings Calvin to school every T/Th (or my mom whom is also a life-saver) before work. He knows how easily I can get overwhelmed in the mornings with my PPA (postpartum anxiety) so his willingness to help me out in this way has taken a huge burden off of my shoulders.

10. This may seem obvious but Nick never shows our kids lack of love. He is always telling them how much he loves them and genuinely enjoys our kids (when they aren't testing our patience).

Most days I do not say thank you enough to him but since I know he will probably read and edit this post for me, I wanted to make sure he know he is LOVED and APPRECIATED. Be sure to tell your significant other how much you appreciate them for the little and the small things. I know it makes a world of a difference to me when I am shown appreciation and the same goes for Nick. 

Happy Father's Day to all the dads and grandparents out there!

3 Generations of Davis men. 

3 Generations of Davis men. 

juggling 3 kids is HARD.

Juggling 3 kids is HARD, actually juggling any amount of kids is hard! This transition for me has been a bumpy one and I have seen more than ever my sinfulness and my weakness. 

Nick and I were talking the other day about how the beginning weeks with a newborn are hard on a marriage. Throughout our marriage, I would say Nick and I do well at communicating. We are both talkers and enjoy conversations about food, theology, and life in general. But the first 3 months with each of our kids have been difficult for us. We both are sleep deprived, irritable, and vulnerable. A normal 2-minute conversation can take over an hour with all the interruptions from our little offspring. On Memorial Day we went on our first walk alone since Calvin was born and it was such a breath of fresh air. We love our kids—don't get us wrong—but before them it was just US. Trying to remember that it was he and I before we became "the Davis Family" is something that takes conscious effort each day. (Side note: thank you to my best friend AW for reminding me of this. You're the best!)

It's hard being a mom and a wife because I want to give everything my 100% and can't. If I was to make a list in my head of what is important to me many things are on a equal playing field and I cannot realistically give everything my full attention. I am convinced that if I was getting a good nights sleep  I could conquer so much more. It takes a lot out of me to not get overly jealous of the moms who have kids who sleep more than 5+ stretches at night (see update below on a gift Leo gave me). Leo has had some good nights and some that were just plain awful. His reflux is the culprit in the middle of the night and he wakes because he is spitting up everywhere despite me keeping him upright for 20 min after a feeding and trying to not fall asleep at the same time.

Through it all God has been gracious to me. I used to rock Leo to sleep for every nap and Calvin and Max would be doing who knows what in the living room but thankfully Leo has learned to put himself down. Right now Leo is up for an hour at a time and then I put him in his room with the sound machine and place him on his tummy and he is out in under 5 minutes. He naps anywhere from 35 min-3.5 hours and I try to soak up every minute of it when he is sleeping since he still has some colic throughout the day.

At the same time I cannot believe how fast time is going. Leo is almost 12 weeks old and it feels like I was just giving birth to him yesterday. God knew I needed sleep because last night he slept 9.5 hours straight (I still have bags under my eyes) and is now still sleeping after a quick feed. It is only 8:15 AM and I already had a decent breakfast, drank my coffee, put the dishes away and am typing here on the blog which is far and few now a days. 

Juggling 3 kids is HARD, but this is what I signed up for. I wanted to be a mom my whole life and I've been blessed to have 3 healthy boys. So whether you have 1 kid or 5 kids, know that you are not alone. Being a mom will stretch you in ways you never thought possible but there will be a time when our homes are quiet and the kids are all grown up. We will be wishing for the days when noise was non-stop and our days were filled with chaos and laughter. God's grace is sufficent and in our weakness, He is strong.